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Subject:Recording Guru in Acid 6?
Posted by: martin7
Date:9/8/2007 11:49:43 AM

I'm having trouble recording Guru into Acid as a VST. Acid records (midi) one scene fine, but when I switch engines to play/record a
different pattern via the scenes buttons Acid doesn't stop recording the first scene, leading to a sonic mess. It maybe that I'm not establishing parameters in Acid but I'm not sure where to look. Any ideas anyone?

Subject:RE: Recording Guru in Acid 6?
Reply by: coolout
Date:9/17/2007 1:41:35 AM

I've never tried to switch scenes in Guru while rendering.

I use Guru as a drum machine/scratch pad and prefer to arrange in Acid Pro.

Sometime this week i'll try to repro your prob.

Have you updated Guru to version 1.5?

The newest version has an insane amount of tweaks and bug fixes.

Subject:RE: Recording Guru in Acid 6?
Reply by: martin7
Date:9/17/2007 4:54:01 AM

Yeah - i've got 1.5.2. Since writing my initial message I've found that option in the audio menu disengaging guru from Acid's transport controls but there's still some bad communication between the two programs regarding the midi data recorded - including playing pads not selected and applying insane sudden velocities (some echo back problem?). Like you, I've been dragging in wavs patterns and arranging in acid instead. But, it would be nice to record it live using the scenes..

Subject:RE: Recording Guru in Acid 6?
Reply by: coolout
Date:9/17/2007 12:30:47 PM

Apparently this is not an Acid problem as other users have had issues switching Guru engines in Ableton and FL Studio also.

Guru is a one great little drum machine but it still needs a bit of work IMHO.

It never feels completely "hardware" tight to me, which I guess is the whole goal.

I'm not talking just talking about latency but also how screens draw and respond.

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