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Subject:SF9 license
Posted by: Lossl ben Hossl
Date:9/5/2007 8:29:48 AM

just installed my SF9 update yesterday.
so far so good, but when i checked "my software" account on this site today, it showed two SF9 licenses: one with my serial number and one with a different one (probably the one of the demo version which i de-installed before i installed the full version on my system)

it is also showing "not available" in the "free update" boxes

btw.: i´m pretty sure that the other SF9 license wasn´t displayed before i installed SF9 full version

Subject:RE: SF9 license
Reply by: Kennymusicman
Date:9/5/2007 11:38:44 AM

Yea - I get the "not available" too - I figured that was just because (at the time) only v9a was available. Now v9c is out, (and I haven't looked since) it's still the same. Oh well - that part worries me least - since we can easily enough navigate to the downloads.

Can't speak for the serial number oart though.

Subject:RE: SF9 license
Reply by: Lossl ben Hossl
Date:9/6/2007 11:34:33 AM

thank you for your reply!

i was a bit worried if i may not be able to update to 9.0d or so when/if it gets released, but now it sounds more or less like normal behaviour

Subject:RE: SF9 license
Reply by: Kennymusicman
Date:9/6/2007 3:51:58 PM

Relax - you'll be fine for updating to 9d

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