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Posted by: busterandbabbles
Date:8/27/2007 3:05:47 PM

i'm a fairly new soundforge user and am having probs with the normalize function. often an intro will be increased in volume but then the volume drops significantly after a number of bars. the prob is not always present (i.e not a prob for some songs). any suggestions?

Subject:RE: normalizing
Reply by: ForumAdmin
Date:8/28/2007 7:55:07 AM

Click the "More..." button in the dialog and either change the fade curves to the linear ones or reduce the fade in/out lengths to zero.

If you want to make this the default for all effects, right-click in the blank area on the right side of the dialog and select "Save Fade values".


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Subject:RE: normalizing
Date:8/28/2007 3:47:10 PM

thx for the fast reply. i'll try that.

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