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Subject:Cyber link plug in q's.
Posted by: AZAZEL36
Date:8/9/2007 3:17:37 PM

Hello, i have i have been using acid music studio for the past 6 months and decided to try the acid pro trial before i upgrade.

In the mixing section there is something called cyberlink audio volume booster, It says i do not have it, it also says its a plug in.

Now will this come with the full version of acid pro or is this a separate program i need to buy?

I can get decent recordings but the volume isn't loud enough so thats why i am asking.

If anyone can help me that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Subject:RE: Cyber link plug in q's.
Reply by: Kennymusicman
Date:8/9/2007 5:45:52 PM

Just having a quick glance at v7 (not pro) there are plenty of plugins that would help you boost volumes - such as compressors, dynamics and so on. You know your way round those at all?

Hope that may help you a bit


Subject:RE: Cyber link plug in q's.
Reply by: AZAZEL36
Date:8/10/2007 11:08:32 PM

Have no idea, what is a very good one or even the best plug in for volume boost? Hope you can help.

Subject:RE: Cyber link plug in q's.
Reply by: MacMoney
Date:8/11/2007 5:41:40 AM

Do you have Nero installed on your system?

George Ware

Subject:RE: Cyber link plug in q's.
Reply by: Kennymusicman
Date:8/11/2007 11:05:55 AM


Without going into detail (can do if requested though). The compressor has options for input and output gain. Simply turning up the output gain will give your track a volume boost.

The volume plugin is simply that - a volume booster.

The wave hammer plugin is a compressor and limiter in one. So you can boost, without exceeding a certain limit. (if you want to see the wavehammer work - use a compressor first to really boost levels - then watch the wave hammer "hammer" the levels back into a predefined threshold limit.)

Subject:RE: Cyber link plug in q's.
Reply by: AZAZEL36
Date:8/11/2007 2:27:24 PM

Alright i do not have nero and also have no idea what that is, can you please explain?

Now for the compressor, is this in the mixer effects, within acid already?? also where do i find the gain and all that, and what is this hammer program? can you find it at many different music stores?

Please do go into detail, before i buy this i need to make sure its going to be as good as sonar 6 producer addition or better, i have been told it is and it isn't, as long as i can get the volume i want out of the recordings them im sold.

Thank you both for your help, i hope to hear back from you.

Subject:RE: Cyber link plug in q's.
Reply by: Kennymusicman
Date:8/11/2007 4:09:06 PM

1) Nero is a collection of programs/utilities for creating and burning cds/dvd's along with other parts such as video editing, audio editing and other elements. (google nero - it's very easy to find)...

2) Can't say exactly where it is atm - on different computer and this does not have Acid installed. However the plugins are located within the fx/plugins button/tab. IF you find this, and click the tab it will open a smaller window, with a collection of effects that you can add. Find Sony compressor (or plugin of your choice). Once you have your plugin(s) chosen, choose ok. This will send you to the fx control window. Here, you choose the tab at the top for the plugin required (assuming Sony compressor here) you will then see 2 horizontal faders input gain & output gain (amongst other things).
The 'hammer' is another plugin, just the same as all the other ones, and accessed the same way.

3) Sonar/Cubase/ProTools/etc is different intended targets than acid. It depends on what you are looking to do, as to which is better. It's all about opinion at the end of the day. and, for a bit of humour (an oldie) -
"opinions are like a$$holes. Everyone has got one, and most of them stink!".

With the plugins, you will definitely be able to get the volume you desire.

A compressor for beginners:
In short, it squashes your dynamics. Imagine nmbers 1 - 10 (10 being the maximum possible ever!!). You have a spread of ten. The compressor, may squash 7-10 into 7-8. Now you have a spread of 8 (1-8). So now you can add 2 to everything - giving you 3-10 (still a spread of 8). So your numbers are overall, a little bigger, but spread less. Well that's what a compressor does - squashes a little (or a lot) and lets you then boost the volume more.
Of course, you can change settings. So repeating the example.
1- 10, with compressor squashing 5-10 into 5-7. Now spread is 7 (1-7). Add 3 to everything gives 4-10 (spread 7).

The point is, you can change where the compressor actually kicks in and does some work (the threshold), you can alter how much squashing (the ratio) [examples above - 7-10 into 7-8 "4:2", 5-10 into 5-7 "6:3"]. The ratio is normally described x:1, where x is the number of decibels (measure of volume/amplitude) required in, to get 1 decibel out. 5:1 means it takes 5dB in to get 1dB out and so forth - incidentally a limiter is effectively a compressor set at "infinity:1".
This leaves 2 other common parameters. Attack is how quickly the compressor gets to work once the threshold has been reached. And release is how quickly the compressor stops working once you have returned below the threshold.

So you really have 4 settings. Attack, release, threshold, ratio.

Then after that, you have the output gain, which you can use to boost your levels post compression.

Hope that helps a bit..


Subject:RE: Cyber link plug in q's.
Reply by: tascolas
Date:8/11/2007 11:13:46 PM

Hi , the Cyberlink plugin appears because u probably have (or even had! -lol-) some version of Cyberlink's WinDVD installed in your system. Its not to be used in Acid and bcoz i ve seen this one too many times i think its about time somebody in Sony would do something bout this thing appearing in DX plugs.

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Subject:RE: Cyber link plug in q's.
Reply by: AZAZEL36
Date:8/12/2007 2:04:56 PM

Alright wow that makes a lot of sense but is a little difficult to understand. Now with nero what do i buy? theres so many offered on there sight. What is a volume booster plug in i can use for acid?

Now the reason i asked about sonar is because i want to make the best recording for cd that i can with under 500 dollars spent on the program. I have heard that it doesn't really matter and a lot of other programs are more confusing to use and cant do anything more then acid, so im thing of just going with acid so i an spend the other money that would go to a more expensive program on some plug ins.

So cyber link is probably with something called power 2 go, meaning theres probably no way to get thats in acid.

Anyways thanks for all your help and hopefully you cant point me to a good volmue booster plug in.

Subject:RE: Cyber link plug in q's.
Reply by: Kennymusicman
Date:8/12/2007 3:06:51 PM

2 options.

Firstly, and simply - just go with the compressor option. It'll sort you out. It really will - play with it. (no extra costs involved either)

Otherwise, secondly. mix in acid, and export audio as your mixdown, then use soundforge to master with a simple dynamic / normalise / mastering bundle-if-you-go-for-the-full-version.

Subject:RE: Cyber link plug in q's.
Reply by: AZAZEL36
Date:8/13/2007 12:40:00 AM

Alright i will mess around with the compression, i have already noticed a huge difference.

Now what exactly is sound forge??

Also about sonar and other programs you said it depends on what i want out of them ,well now you know what i want to do, thats make a cd with the best quality i can for under 500 dollars, is acid pro capable of that and can it do it just as good as sonar? Keep in mind that i am not lopping im playing the instruments, all but drums because i don't have the equipment to record them. I am going to use EZdrummer, now can acid take that plug in? I hope so, talk to you later.

Subject:RE: Cyber link plug in q's.
Reply by: tascolas
Date:8/18/2007 10:44:00 PM

Sry for the l8 reply m8. Yes,u can use EZ drummer in Acid just like any other vst plug-in be it software synth or fx module . Judging by your knowledge in general i'd say that its too early for u to go the SoundForge way although its the best addition to Acid money can buy. SF is an audio editor/mastering application that helps u edit/refine your waveforms(audiofiles) in many usable and many times creative ways. Actually SF is much simpler in use than Acid but it requires basic audio editing skills and thorough understanding of effects(plugins) usage . Effects and synths in the computer world typically behave and feel just like the hardware outboard gear ,they re just virtual machines and depend on their host application to make sound ,thats why we call them plugins.
Anyway if i were u i 'd stick with acid and maybe would rush and buy something like Sony Acid Pro 6 Video Training Course (google it ) .It would definetely help u have better results faster:-)) .Also a book about effects would help clear the fog 'bout compressors -limiters-equalisers or reverbs/delays/flangers etc . Bottom line? Study as hard as u can m8 - cheers

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Subject:RE: Cyber link plug in q's.
Reply by: DKeenum
Date:8/19/2007 2:31:06 PM


I want to clarify a couple of things:

1. I don't think George was suggesting that you get nero. I think he was trying to help you find the warning message. Nero puts some plug-ins in your plug-in folder.

2. You do not need a volume booster. In fact I don't know what that is.

3. This volume booster is not part of acid pro.

4. Compression and limiting are effects that affect an audio file. Google them and you'll be able to find articles about them.

5. I believe that acid music has both compression and limiting effects that come with the program. You can also find free versions of these programs on the net.

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