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Subject:Sound Forge Sucks!!
Posted by: jtesh
Date:8/2/2007 5:49:57 PM

I'm tired of it!! Now it's stalling mid-record and I can't play or record at all now. I've restarted my computer, re-installed Sound Forge 9, tried to play and record with Sound Forge 7 and... nothing!!!! This has happened many times before and then like magic, it starts working again.

It just dawned on myself (and co-workers) that I've been having issues with this since I started this job over two years ago. I've finally cracked!!

It's now time for me to shop for another program after upgrading to Sound Forge 9 recently. Thank goodness it's not my money and that I work for a huge syndicated radio show that can pay for a new program... again.

Subject:RE: Sound Forge Sucks!!
Reply by: pwppch
Date:8/2/2007 8:43:13 PM

I wanted to help you solve this problem. I asked you to fill out your system specs in your profile. You didn't, and you never responded further.

Offer is always open to help. Let me know

- what audio hardware you are using
- what audio driver model you have tried
- Exactly what you are trying to do and as step by step a procedure that you can provide. (Assume I am not standing over your shoulder watchin what you do<g>)


Subject:RE: Sound Forge Sucks!!
Reply by: jtesh
Date:8/3/2007 9:13:30 AM

Which specs do you want... the ones from the computer at work that Sound Forge doesn't work on or from my home brand new home computer that has the same issues...

I'm done.

Subject:RE: Sound Forge Sucks!!
Reply by: pwppch
Date:8/3/2007 1:55:39 PM

Doesn't matter to me . It is your call.

Can't help with no information.

I will be here if you decide you want me to try and help.


Subject:RE: Sound Forge Sucks!!
Reply by: Kennymusicman
Date:8/3/2007 2:49:14 PM

lol. Do a remote desktop/remote assistance. Many of us would offer to lend a hand - that is one of the beauties about the product - it IS a good product, and the forums are great :)

Subject:RE: Sound Forge Sucks!!
Reply by: Geoff_Wood
Date:8/3/2007 4:26:19 PM

Well, SF (7 or 9) work just fine for most users. The only thing we know your experiencewith both installs has in common is YOU. Now, that's not suggesting that there is not another actual and real problem, and if you furnish the requested info people here can attempt to help.

In light of the multiple instances of your problem, try and figure what (apart from you) do the two installs have in common:
OS and SP level, mobo chipset, audio interface and driver/type, RAM, CPU, HDD drive setup and the folders you have set if other than default. Also what other applications and plugins are common to both installs.

Rather than just going off in a huff.....


Subject:RE: Sound Forge Sucks!!
Reply by: MyST
Date:8/4/2007 7:32:25 PM

Are you John Tesh?

Cuz I gotta tell ya... I'm havin' a hard time picturing you mad. :-)

Subject:RE: Sound Forge Sucks!!
Reply by: Spheris
Date:8/6/2007 2:24:12 PM


Sounds like he simply cannot wrap his head around the playthrough as it is in 9.0

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