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Subject:Backwards and cross compatibiltiy
Posted by: RedStone
Date:6/8/2007 9:20:30 AM

I have a project that my students did in Acid Pro 6, but they need to port it over to Acid Music studio 6. Is this possible?

we saved it as an acid-zip file and studio 6 said that it couldn't open it.

we just need the structure of the project to stay in tact (edits/crossfades - the basic layout of each track)

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Subject:RE: Backwards and cross compatibiltiy
Reply by: pwppch
Date:6/8/2007 9:32:55 AM

No, ACID Pro 6 Projects are not compatible with ACID Music Studio 6 projects.

ACID Music Studio 6 is based on ACID Pro 5, so the data structures are completely different as ACID 6 introduced many new features that are not backward compatible.


Subject:RE: Backwards and cross compatibiltiy
Reply by: RedStone
Date:6/8/2007 10:32:12 AM

thanks for the response, Peter.

It's really too bad. it would be ultra cool to have the entire line of Acid products be able to talk to each other - even in the most basic form (EDL??) - I would die and go to heaven if Acid supported EDL or txt like Vegas.

I know that is a big draw for home studios to use Pro Tools M-powered since they can take their mixes to a local studio that has LE or HD and open up their stuff. It's like word processors that let you save your files to older/ or even universal or different document versions. It's necessary these days: Even if it means losing the information from new features - "something" is *always* better than nothing at all, since having at least something will save precious time and energy.

anyway ...

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