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Subject:To SonyPCH: Acid6 - odd midi/asio problem
Posted by: jaydeeee
Date:5/4/2007 2:35:44 PM

SonyPCH, can you help resolve a really strange midi (or asio) problem I'm having?

I have a project that utilized 3 soft synths and a couple audio tracks.
The system used has two delta 1010 (not the LT model).

When I first created the song/project, i was using a midiman midisport 4x4 as a midi interface - all was working when I used it.
Recently, I uninstalled the midisport 4x4 and am just using the delta 1010 midi input (not using the 4x4 anymore - no need for it really).

But, when I went back into that same project and went to create a new track and lay another midi track (I'm only using soft synths btw)...I'm now getting bad latency when playing the kybd (and using the delta 1010's midi in) . I didn't have this problem before with this project.

Strange thing is...
Only this particular song/project exhibits this problem - all other older projects (also created using the midisport4x4) don't have this latency problem (now using the delta midi in) when I go back to add in another track. I just tested many of them.

Also strange is that the delta 1010 midi in works great (no latency probs) when starting a new project as it seems this ONE project is somehow causing midi latency with my soft-synths (all others work fine) after uninstalling the 4x4 and switching to use the delta 1010 midi in. It's as if it's no longer using maudio asio driver for this one project but somehow, now using the "directsound" driver or the like (for this project).

It's rather strange that just one project is exhibiting this.
The only thing that has changed is uninstalling the midisport4x4 and now using the delta 1010(1) midi in. the song was created using the 4x4 and softsynths...switch to delta 1010 midi in and now have latency probs.

Can you give me some things to check on? It's as if a change in midi interface somehow affected the ASIO driver to be used (latency occurs with any driver setting other than the maudio delta 1010 asio).

the system is tip-top (I promise) and no other projects exhibit the latency problem except for this one.

thx for help with this - I'm stumped at this point. The problem is ridiculous (just this one project - so far).

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Subject:RE: To SonyPCH: Acid6 - odd midi/asio problem
Reply by: jaydeeee
Date:5/9/2007 12:31:03 PM

Ok, anybody ELSE know what's going on then?

This is ridiculous...there must be something going on here (happening with 1 project only). SonyPCH, any idea?

Subject:RE: To SonyPCH: Acid6 - odd midi/asio problem
Reply by: Jay R
Date:5/10/2007 10:53:54 AM

You know how to set the driver on the options page, right?

I'm asking cos it sounds like you're not sure it's using the right driver.

One possible workaround is to try it with the freeware ASIO4ALL generic driver. Pretty good latency rates.

My system's latency seems to go up and down a lot too - lately I've been monitoring an external sound module while I record the midi - zero latency then. I prefer hearing the VST sound, but not at the expense of proper timing.


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