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Subject:Drum Loops Frustration ...
Posted by: PeterWright
Date:5/4/2007 9:10:34 PM

Following recommendations here and elsewhere, I've bought the Beatblox and Vitale Collection, and whilst they contain lots of well recorded loops, it's sometimes very hard to quickly find a particular type of drum loop.

For instance, I'm working on a number with a triplet shuffle beat, and needed a simple high hat pattern. For a start, there's no way from the names they give them to identify which are and which are not triplet feels, and believe it or not, I auditoned through 201 loops in the Beatblox Hi Hat folder and didn't find a single suitable one!
All I wanted was x_xx_xx_xx_x Finished up tapping my own out in midi.

I know I could learn how to use Media Manager and go through every loop (thousands!) and add tags to each one, but that would take days I don't currently have.

How do you guys go about finding a particular type of pattern, when they're given undescriptive names such as hat 04-pat01. ( I wouldn't mind these names if they were put in folders with names such as "Shuffle beats", "Straight Rock", "3/4" etc).

Yes, I am writing to the software suppliers to complain, but I wondered how others coped ....

Subject:RE: Drum Loops Frustration ...
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:5/7/2007 10:04:55 AM

I do the same thing you do OR make my own using percussion One-shots. If I like what I hear acoustically in a Loop but don't like the pattern, I simply re-arrange it using the Chopper.


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Subject:RE: Drum Loops Frustration ...
Date:5/8/2007 8:31:44 AM

I do what mD said. Find a one-shot, or if you like a hat from a loop chop it out and create your pattern. Change the snap to grid to triplets. Once you have a pattern you like then CTRL+M to create a new loop from your pieces.

Subject:RE: Drum Loops Frustration ...
Reply by: Cheameup
Date:5/8/2007 7:22:00 PM

hey Peter

Thats the reality of using audio loops . Auditioning everything and still not being happy alot of the could try the groove mapper on a simple beat to swing it but quality wise that can be real hit and miss

Midi is better cause its eaiser to manipulate . But even thats a pain at times .

Unfortunataly thats why drummers are great to know -the bastards

Subject:RE: Drum Loops Frustration ...
Reply by: PeterWright
Date:5/8/2007 8:31:15 PM

Thanks for the replies.

I actually found a folder in the Vitale Collection (2002 Red Maple Kit / 120 BPM) which contained some good triplet feels and I have now renamed this folder "Shuffle Beats" to help me find them next time ....

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