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Subject:acid internal limiter / rendering to 0db
Posted by: Klirrfaktor
Date:5/3/2007 3:24:27 AM

acid seems to internally limit audio signal when rendering. this makes mixing difficult and not accurate.

when i have some tracks and the master shows me im in clipping range (red) and i render the whole project, its all nice "mastered" to 0db. why is this happening and how can i disable that?

Subject:RE: acid internal limiter / rendering to 0db
Reply by: pwppch
Date:5/3/2007 8:15:03 AM

Welcome to Digtial audio 101.

The max signal is 0 dB for fixed point PCM data There is no such thing as headroom or mixing hotter than 0 dB for delivery.

The reason why you see > 0dB in the mixer is because internally we use normalized floating point, which provides greater than 0db.

Note however, that since you are using a fixed point audio card, you are actually limiting when you playback regardless of the signal on the master bus. The reason is the same as I stated above.

If you want to preserve the clipping/overage, you can render to 32 bit floating point. Could be useful for importing tracks or buses into a secondary editor, but clipping is still clipping.

The master bus should never be allowed to clip. Clips during rendering will provide a bad result because of how digital audio works. Signals feeding into the master - buses can clip, but you need to compensate for this with a limiter, volume/gain envlopes, or just the master trim.


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