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Subject:izotope serial number??
Posted by: inmazevo
Date:4/21/2007 2:00:33 PM

I've done some searches here, and on a couple of other forums, but can't find an answer.

I have the downloaded version of izotope, but only received serial numbers for Sound Forge and CD Architect.

The offline and online izotope authorizations require a serial number, but none of the two I have work.

Did Sony not send me something I need (ie - izotope serial numbers), or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance,
- zevo

Subject:RE: izotope serial number??
Reply by: Buckskin
Date:4/21/2007 5:22:05 PM

From a previous post:

Enter serial number and click "Offline Authorization"

Obtain challenge code - write this down.

Go to Izotope's site

Log in My Account > Authorize Software, as instructed to do

There is no choice to select "challenge / response"

This is following to the letter the instructions from the Plug-in.

NOW, if I go my own way and instead of clicking Authorize Software, I click "Serial Number", I put in my Serial number and this time get a challenge response screen, which eventually leads to success.

Incidentally, success comes by twice having to write down and then type in long 25 digit numbers, which it's so easy to make a mistake with - what a pain - why can't they be like Sony and allow us to save/copy paste.

They obviously spend a lot of time on their plug-in functionality and interface - they should also pay attention to authorisation processes.

Subject:RE: izotope serial number??
Reply by: inmazevo
Date:4/21/2007 7:19:05 PM

Thanks for the reply buckskin.

I saw that post, but I don't have the serial number to enter.
I ordered the download version, and received the SF and CDA serial numbers, and a link to the downloads to everything, including izotope, but I didn't receive the izotope serial number.

I've gotten responses on some other forums from people saying that they received the izotope serial number in their download email, so I'm assuming its just a glitch in my email.

I've emailed Sony Customer Service about it, so perhaps Monday they can sort it out.
I was just wondering if I was way off track in thinking that izotope needed its own, unique serial number, and that appears to be the case.

The order was as a free new version, since I purchased SF8 within the timeframe for receiving SF9 for free. So perhaps the mechanism used to set up the order was different.

The receipt email looks normal though... Sound Forge 9 Full Version Download...

Cool... I'm sure they'll straighten it out. My experience with Sony Customer Service has always been stellar.

- zevo

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