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Subject:ACID freezing - disgusted new user
Posted by: ohmaya
Date:4/13/2007 11:42:34 PM

I just recently upgraded to Acid Pro 6 . The first day it would not find my ASIO drivers for my audio interface and the staff had to send me a patch. I'm finally getting to work on my first song and I cant get anything done because the program keeps locking up. Talk about a creative buzzkill!!!

About every 7-10 minutes, the program freezes. I wait 2 or 3 minutes to see if it will clear and then finally open the task manager and close the application. The program closes, but I still see acid60.exe open in the task manager process list, holding 376MB memory usage. If i reopen Acid 6, the program will not respond and now there are two incidents of the program open in the processes list, the original one still using 376MB+ of memory and the other using 64 MB. Of course the minute I try to do anything in the second instance, Acid freezes immediately because the first process is still open No matter how many times I tell the task manager to end acid60.exe. It still stays open. If im a good girl and sit patiently for about 10 minutes, the first instance of acid60.exe finally gives up and disappears. Then I can open AP6 and start again. About 10 minutes later it happens again. I have restarted several times to no avail.

This has been going on for several hours now. I have gotten a total of 8 bars of music recorded in about four hours and have spent the rest of the time troubleshooting, running ad-aware and virus check and basically wishing I had listened to everyone that told me AP6 was buggy and really unstable.
My system specs are Win Xp SP2, 3.2 ghz P4, 2 GB RAM with a separate HDD for music apps. Using Steinberg MI4 media interface with latest drivers and MIDIman 2X2 with latest drivers.Running AP6d.

Want SO badly to be able to use Acid as my main app like I did with Acid 5 but I cant afford to lose this much time to getting it to function. I see a lot of posts named "acid locking", "acid freezing"...what's up? I would like to blame it on the M-Audio drivers for the Midiman, because I have yet to have an M-Audio product that didn't have buggy drivers. I sold them all except the midiman. If there is a known issue, I would love to know!

Any suggestions?

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Subject:RE: ACID freezing - disgusted new user
Reply by: Rickms
Date:4/14/2007 6:47:54 AM

I share your frustration. I’m a totally new User to Acid although I’m not new to digital audio recording. I currently use Sonar Pro, Live, Reason, Project and have many software and hardware synths. I utilize a O1X (mlan to motifs), Maudio Delta, and a E-mu 1810 card. My setup is maybe more complex then others but all the aforementioned applications are stable except for Acid. I’ve been disabling various components and experimenting with various settings and components try to get Acid stable. Various things will cause lookups and crashes such as using the 01X in Mackie emulation, using plugins such as amplitube. Changing patch in reason (while in rewire mode) has caused Acid to kick out. I’m trying to identity all actions that cause problems. I’ve tried utilizing each of the different 3 audio cards I have (in ASIO), but problems occur with each one.

I’m not looking for suggestions regarding troubleshooting, I still have more work to do, but I more concerned in general when looking through this forum. I’m sure there are many folks who have no problems and many more who never visit this forum but there appears to be alarming number of posts regarding Acid instability. Being new here, and after just purchasing the product I’m concerned that this may be a product that may have to sit on the shelf until further releases are out with greater stability.

For now I will give the product the benefit of the doubt and put more effort into working through my stability issues.

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Subject:RE: ACID freezing - disgusted new user
Reply by: ohmaya
Date:4/14/2007 8:16:47 AM

Here's another one...not too cool when all I do is write MIDI...I insert Komapkt and insert 8 MIDI tracks and create 8 mixer channels channels 1-8. I mute them all and then unmute the MIDI track for ch 4 to record. When I hit a note, I see and hear input on ch1 and 4, even though I am on the MIDI track for channel 4 with all others muted. I hear two instruments playing and see the meters on outputs 1/2 and 7/8 jumping.
I changed MIDI interfaces from the MIDIMAN 2X2 to the Steiberg MI4 and still the same kind of issues - either two channels paying at once or sometimes none. These two interfaces never have any issues in Cubase or FL Studio but the MIDI output is all over the place in ACID.

COME ON - I WANT to love you but it's this kind of stuff that makes it hard

Subject:RE: ACID freezing - disgusted new user
Reply by: DKeenum
Date:4/16/2007 1:07:55 PM

First of all, both of you guys need to go back and put your system specs on your profile page. People here can help you, but you have to help us too.

Just so you know, I run acid 6 with no crashes. So you can too. Stick with us.

Subject:RE: ACID freezing - disgusted new user
Reply by: ohmaya
Date:4/18/2007 7:27:00 AM

The info was there - I hadnt checked the box to display the info. It should be there now

Subject:RE: ACID freezing - disgusted new user
Reply by: ohmaya
Date:4/18/2007 7:29:22 AM

BTW...the issue I first stated where the program feezes and then stays running even after being closed is still happening. I cannot restart the program for at least 4-5 minutes until the process acid60.exe clears from the task manager process list. If I restart it sooner, the new incidence of Acid wont run at all.

Subject:RE: ACID freezing - disgusted new user
Reply by: ohmaya
Date:4/18/2007 7:31:39 AM

For the sake of this post, I have ACID Pro 6d on a P4 3.2 Ghz, 2 GB RAM running WinXP SP2, Steinberg MI4 audio interface and MidiMan 2X2 MIDI interface

Subject:RE: ACID freezing - disgusted new user
Reply by: pwppch
Date:4/18/2007 9:43:09 AM

This is typically caused by a driver not responding to a stop request.

If you disable the MIDI Man 2x2 in ACID, does the problem go away?

If you disconnect your MIDI Man 2x2, does the problem go away?


Subject:RE: ACID freezing - disgusted new user
Reply by: ohmaya
Date:4/18/2007 12:23:31 PM

I will try that. I did connect my MIDI controller to the MI4 interface and the problem seemed to stop. I would leave it like this, but the MI4 doesnt have a MIDI THRU and the 2X2 does.
Like I said in an earlier post...I have yet to have an M-Audio piece of gear (MIDI Interface, sound card, keyboard/audio interface, controller) whose driver did not F up my DAWs one way or the other. Their drivers are terrible and their tech support is horrendous. The MIDIMAN is the sole MAudio survivor in my studio and if this is the cause of the freeze-ups, it looks like this is also going bye bye.

If I blamed ACID without cause, for this and of my other sins, I am truly sorry :)

Subject:RE: ACID freezing - disgusted new user
Reply by: Jay R
Date:4/18/2007 12:37:06 PM

Make sure your midiman drivers are current. Mine caused me a lot of trouble until I upgraded.

Subject:RE: ACID freezing - disgusted new user
Reply by: ohmaya
Date:4/18/2007 6:08:18 PM

I totally uninstalled the MIDIMAN. I went to MAudio and re-downloaded the latest driver and reinstalled the MIDIMAN. Opened AP6 and within 5 minutes the program froze up.

Uninstalled the MIDIMAN completely and plugged my controller into the Steinberg MI4 MIDI IN and OUT. Have been working non-stop for two hours now and no freezes.
M-AUDIO STRIKES AGAIN!!! I wonder if the only DAW their stuff works seamlessly with is ProTools M Powered because I had trouble with one of a couple of their products in FLS Studio, Cubase and now Acid. Looks like my MIDIMAN Will be going to eBay. My last piece of M-Audio junk - bye bye!!!

Subject:RE: ACID freezing - disgusted new user
Reply by: Jay R
Date:4/20/2007 9:27:37 AM

I doubt it's related to protools. Their midi box predates their PT acquisiton by years.

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