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Subject:SF9: Cursor not centered when sel. markers
Posted by: timo75
Date:4/11/2007 5:16:52 AM

Hi there again,

I have an issue that maybe is intended by the developers, but that prevents me from working effectivly with SF9 and even makes me think to stay with SF8. I also reported this to the support, as it is really important for me.

I remember this happened same before with SF7, but was changed back with one of the first updates.

Ok, here we go. When selecting markers by key command (Ctrl-left or Ctrl-right), until now, the cursor was automatically centered on screen. This was very useful when finetuning loops or cuts (when cutting whole bars out of a song e.g.). You could set the markers, where you wanted to do your cuts and then jump between the markers, to visually see the wavform left and right beside the marker.

Now, since SF9, the cursor is placed left or right in the screen, after selecting a marker with the accordant key command. That makes it impossible, to jump between the markers and see the waveform change of a possible cut.

I really would like to see the old behaviour back, or, at least, an option, as I have no idea for an adequate replacement to my method.

I also see no reason behind to change the previous behaviour to the new one.

Thanks for listening!

Subject:RE: SF9: Cursor not centered when sel. markers
Reply by: timo75
Date:4/16/2007 2:32:59 AM

Really no one, that would like the old behaviour back?

Subject:RE: SF9: Cursor not centered when sel. marker
Reply by: rraud
Date:4/16/2007 10:32:28 AM

Yes, that among other counter-productive changes.

Subject:RE: SF9: Cursor not centered when sel. marker
Reply by: _TJ
Date:4/18/2007 9:06:51 PM

You can hit the | key to center the cursor, after you move the cursor to a marker.

Subject:RE: SF9: Cursor not centered when sel. marker
Reply by: timo75
Date:4/19/2007 2:43:50 AM

But I need to have the cursor centered *immediatly* after gone to the marker. Only this way I can *visually* compare two similar positions within a file. I do this frequently and it is *absolutly* necessary for my workflow.

I have a long thread running with the support and I'm getting so frustrated as I can say whatever I want, I always get the same respond. But damn, it is not the problem, that I don't know how the center the cursor on screen!!!

It is *so* important, that the screen is centered immediatly. Compare it to an animation. This also wouldn't work if you would paste different images between the frames. As if you would say to the viewer: 'you can center the image manually by dragging your tv to the right position'.

I want the behaviour of SF8 back, where selecting a marker by key command centered it on screen. I need this really really and trust me, I cannot use SF9 before this works again.

Sorry for the rant, but I really am _that_ frustrated. If you still don't get my concern, then please just bring the old behaviour back and don't ask why. Just do it. Please! You will have a long staying customer then.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

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