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Subject:Does anyone do consulting work with Soundforge 8?
Posted by: djspurlz
Date:4/17/2007 12:24:30 PM

My name is Michael - I live in Cape Coral, Florida, USA. I'm 38 years old and one of my hobbies is djing and electronic music.

My current setup is 2 Technic 1200 turntables , a Rane MP24 mixer, my computer - which has a M-Audio Audiophile 2496 audio card and some other misc pieces of equipment such as a power amp, speakers, EQ, etc.

For software I bought Soundforge 8 and CD Architect 5 to help record my dj mixes and make cds.

I currently have a full dj mix saved in Soundforge - it is a total of 12 songs about 73 minutes in length - its a continuous mix; with no gaps in between the songs.

The problem I am having is that I cant seem to figure out how to transfer the dj mix file to CD Architect so I can burn a copy of the CD. The other issue I have is that I need to put in markers , or points for each of the 12 tracks - so that I can move to a specific track within the mix cd after its completed.

I have Scott Garrigans book - Soundforge 8 - Power ; that has helped me create my dj mix but I cant seem to figure out CD Architect. Ive tried other message boards, websites and newsgroups to get info but no such luck.

I was wondering if there is anybody in this forum that does consulting work with Soundforge 8 / Cd Architect 5 that could walk me thru the steps on how to complete my cd. I am fully prepared to pay a consultation fee for the help/experience. If there isnt anybody on this forum that could help - could somebody please recommend a website/ other avenue that I could find some one-on-one/ telephone help?

I would truly and greatly appreciate it.

thank you


Subject:RE: Does anyone do consulting work with Soundforge 8?
Reply by: Geoff Edwards
Date:4/17/2007 1:22:28 PM

Are you sure that the file you want to import is a 44.1khz 16 bit file...


Subject:RE: Does anyone do consulting work with Soundforge 8?
Reply by: Geoff_Wood
Date:4/17/2007 4:08:37 PM

Shouldn't matter. CDA can accept all sorts of SR and bitdepth as source.

My full reply already in CDA forum,[/link

... but in short, whole process possibly easier in CDA !


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Subject:RE: Does anyone do consulting work with Sound
Reply by: garrigus
Date:4/18/2007 8:28:25 PM

Hi Michael,

Thanks for reading my book! I'm glad you found it useful.

As a matter of fact, I also provide consulting. If you are interested, please use the following web page form to send me an e-mail and I will contact you with the details...



Scott R. Garrigus - Author of Cakewalk, Sound Forge 6, 7/8 and SONAR 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Power books.
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Subject:RE: Does anyone do consulting work with Sound
Reply by: Buckskin
Date:4/19/2007 1:37:34 AM

All you have to do is save it as a .wav or other file. Import it into CD arch and make some tracks in cd Arch. Then burn it. It's quite simple.

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