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Subject:Is MP4 the iTunes format?
Posted by: luces1
Date:4/15/2007 10:22:18 AM

Hello. Well, is it? If so then why am I unable to open an iTunes mp4? Is there a particular version of Quicktime I need? One of the main reasons I upgraded to SF9 was the ability to work with mp4 which I thought was the iTunes format. Any help or further info is appreciated.


Subject:RE: Is MP4 the iTunes format?
Reply by: mpd
Date:4/16/2007 7:56:42 AM

Both SF7 and SF8 can open MPEG-4 AAC files, which is what iTunes produces. Are you trying to open something you bought from the iTunes store? I haven't tried it, but I doubt you could open a file with DRM in SF.

Subject:RE: Is MP4 the iTunes format?
Reply by: Chienworks
Date:4/16/2007 8:00:57 AM

Burn your iTunes song to an audio CD then use Sound Forge to rip it from the disc.

Subject:RE: Is MP4 the iTunes format?
Reply by: pinebough
Date:4/16/2007 9:04:12 PM

Itunes uses something called an M4P rather than MP4. I don't know what the difference is, but it is a protected file format and I haven't found any editors out there that will open itunes or audible content. As already suggested, burn to cd then import into SF. A method I use for audible is to record the audio to a portable audio recorder via spdif. I do this so I can tweak the audio in SF as audible content sounds absolutely horrible, even when downloaded at the highest res.

Subject:RE: Is MP4 the iTunes format?
Reply by: mpd
Date:4/17/2007 8:09:00 AM

That is partially true.

The default codec that iTunes uses is MPEG-4 AAC.

If you rip a CD in iTunes, it creates MPEG-4 AAC file, and uses the .m4a extension. SF7 and SF8 can open these files just fine.

If you purchase music from the iTunes Store, you get an encrypted MPEG-4 AAC file (the Fairplay DRM scheme) with an .m4p extension.

Only authorized programs can read files encrypted with Fairplay. I believe the ones that do are actually using the Quicktime DLLs to do this. SF cannot handle the encrypted files.

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