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Subject:New Markup for Forum Posts
Posted by: ForumAdmin
Date:4/13/2007 4:36:42 PM

Please note that we have disabled standard HTML tags in the forum. To increase security and hopefully make linking easier for those not familiar with HTML, we have added several new tagging options.

Basic Tags:
If you would like to add bold, italics, large fonts, or small fonts to your forum posts, you can use the following sets of tags:
• [b] for bold
• [i] for italics
• [u] for underline
• [title] for a larger heading font
• [large] for a slightly larger font
• [small] for a slightly smaller font
• [hr] for a horizontal rule

Each tag above must have a corresponding closing tag. For instance [b] must be closed with [/b].

[b]Bold[/b] --> Bold
[i]Italic[/i] --> Italic
[u]Underline[/u] --> Underline
[title]Title[/title] --> Title
[large]Large[/large] --> Large
[small]Small[/small] --> Small
[hr] --> (horizontal rule below)

Links, Images, and Videos:
Important: Whether or not images and videos are embedded into the forum pages is a choice left to each individual forum member. By default, the forum will simply display a link to these items. If you would like to see the images and video embedded in the forum pages, go to your Forum Settings in the "My Account" area, and check the box for "Show images and videos in forum messages."

Links can be created with the [link=] tag, and images can be created with the [img=] tag. For links and images, simply add the address (URL) of the webpage or image you'd like to link after the equal symbol. That is:

[link=] -->
[img=] -->

Image and link tags do not require closing tags, but if you use them, you'll be able to control the text that is displayed for the link or the image alt tag.

[link=]Visit[/link] --> Visit
[img=]Sony[/img] --> Sony

If you'd like to embed YouTube videos in the forums, you can do that using the link tag. Simply use the URL displayed on the YouTube page for your specific video.

[link=]] becomes:

Code Blocks:
For those of you who like to post code examples in our scripting forums, you can now use the [code] tag where you used to use

int x=1;
for (y=0; y<x; y++)
z += x;


int x=1;
for (y=0; y<x; y++)
z += x;

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