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Subject:Is the Izotope Mastering Bundle a Download in SF9
Posted by: Aciamaj007
Date:4/11/2007 10:34:24 PM

Hi, I have been trying to find where the Izotope mastering bundle is. I bought the program and downloaded it bUT I can't find the Izotope Mastering bundle. Is it part of the download or is it seperate? Please let me know thanks!

Subject:RE: Is the Izotope Mastering Bundle a Downloa
Reply by: djroguescout
Date:4/11/2007 11:28:06 PM

If you purchased from the Sony Media website, on the same page as your SF9 download link after purchase confirmation, there should also be links to the Izotope MB, CD Architect 5.2, Impulse Responses for Acoustic Mirror plug-in, and the associated manuals and revisions.

These are separate downloads that you should save to your hard drive as exe files. After you have completed installation and authorization of SF9, you should run the downloaded exe for the Izotope MB plug-in. You may have to shut down your firewall or any other Blocklist software to reach the authorization server. You may have to restart your computer to associate the dll files after installation. If you do not restart, the Izotope plug-ins may not appear when you select "Recreate By Plug-in Name" in the FX Favorites menu.

What I did to install the Impulse Responses was merely create a new folder named, "Impulse Responses SF9" in the SF9 directory within the "Sony" folder in Program Files. Then I extracted/unzipped the downloaded Impulse Responses ZIP file into that folder. But there may be a better place to do this where you don't have to "Browse" for the Responses when using the Acoustic Mirror plug-in.

CD Architect 5.2 should load as any other program from the downloaded exe file.

I hope this info helps!

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