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Subject:vst fx that do not work in acid
Posted by: ozzborn
Date:4/6/2007 3:47:38 PM

i have seen a cople people mention vst that do not work in acid so i figured to make a thread about it.

i dont want to buy any more software (or hardware) thats not compatible with acid.

nomad liquid bundle 2
works in acid 5 not in acid 6b.
i recently installed 6.0d so i dont know if it works with 6.0d

t-racks 2.0 ,the one with individual plugs of course.

Subject:RE: vst fx that do not work in acid
Reply by: Jay R
Date:4/9/2007 9:04:57 AM

I spent all last night fighting with Acid Pro 6d - turns out it can't handle the NI B4's fx as an fx plug. Neither can Sound Forge.

I didn't test to see if earlier Acid versions handled it. Or if there's a fix from NI - my version of B4 is about 6 years old. A6 seems to handle the B4 VSTi itself fine - just the standalone fx cause the render process to spin. And "apply" in SF8.0 has the same result. Interestingly, playback in Acid worked on a midi track, but after I froze the uneffected track to audio (in the process of troubleshooting) and reapplied the fx to the audio track, it wouldn't play back either.

I just wanted the tube emulator. I wound up using Voxengo's freebie instead.

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