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Subject:using cm/fl vocoder in acid pro 6?
Posted by: jusscake
Date:3/6/2007 2:18:52 PM

does anyone know how to use the FL/CM vocoder in Acid? ive gotten to the point where i have 3 busses, one has a vocal track, one has a synth, and the other has the CM vocoder. what do i do next to have them all work together?



Subject:RE: using cm/fl vocoder in acid pro 6?
Date:3/7/2007 11:39:36 PM

The way that I made this work is to have one bus which has the vocoder in it. Then you have two tracks that you want to use with this effect in the main track section and pan one hard left and the other hard right and assign both of these to the bus with the vocoder. Forgot which is which, just mess with these and you will figure it out. It is the same process for sidechaining. Rather stupid way to make this work IMO.

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