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Subject:Bug? VSTi behavior in Acid Pro 6.0d
Posted by: Jay R
Date:2/22/2007 7:51:57 AM

I am repeatedly having to close and reopen Acid (but not reboot, so far) to hear VSTi's and related tracks as they are added to a project.

Was doing a paid session for a studio, they wanted piano and organ tracks.

After building the project in Acid with an mp3 scratch track (bass, drums, vocal) they provided, I added the Garritan Jazz Big Band VSTi and loaded the (full version) piano. It would not sound.

I closed and reopened Acid, then the piano sounded. I recorded a track in real time (using ASIO driver), monitoring was fine. Went to play it back, got nothing. Closed and reopened Acid - still nothing on playback. Added VSTI mdaPiano and changed track to use that, then track played back. Changed instrument back to GJBB piano - NOW it worked.

Added second piano track, muting first. Recorded fine, but again no sound on playback. Closed and reopened Acid, got my playback.

Added a 3rd piano track (without muting second piano track), same drill - could hear during tracking, couldn't hear playback until I closed and reopened.

On a later day (after at least one cold boot), I opened up the project and - first action - added a Native Instruments B4. Again, it would not sound unril I closed and reopened Acid.

I recorded a first track. It, again, sounded while I recorded, but would not play back until I closed and reopened Acid.

Then I deleted the clip, and rerecorded the track. No problems with monitoring or playback this time.

Then I added a second organ track pointing to the B4, using midi channel 2 this time (lower manual). Again, it sounded as I recorded, but failed to play back (interestingly, the ch. 2 drawbar control changes happened...). I closed and reopened, then all was well again.

Essentially, every time I added an instrument or added a track, I was stuck bouncing my Acid session. With the long startup time and the even longer GJBB piano load-in, this was a major hit on my time.

Here are the oddball things that seem to make my system different from other people's:

1) SB Audigy card that only supports 48khz sample rate. In addition, this project is continually throwing a sample rate mismatch error, even though the project is also set at 48khz;

2) XP Pro Media Edition;

3) Raid 0 hard drive asssembly; and

3) 2GB ram.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?


Subject:RE: Bug? VSTi behavior in Acid Pro 6.0d
Reply by: PeterWright
Date:2/22/2007 11:50:10 PM

Yes Jay, I have had some similar symptoms - sometimes I have to close and re-open before I can hear something I've just recorded (midi), and sometimes I can't hear a newly selected instrument when pressing a midi controller key, even though the same key on the Acid / Komakt screen goes down as I press - close and re-open and it's audible.

Subject:RE: Bug? VSTi behavior in Acid Pro 6.0d
Reply by: H2000
Date:2/23/2007 7:23:41 AM

I've had similar problems, although I am still using 6b.
I have had to add a bus and assign the track to the bus. Then it sounds. Then if I delete the bus, it plays fine through the master.

Subject:RE: Bug? VSTi behavior in Acid Pro 6.0d
Reply by: vespesian
Date:2/24/2007 10:42:27 AM

Do you have autosave enabled? It seems to 'reset" or turn off some of my vst' that I would end up having to re-press that green button in the upper right hand corner of the vst window - even though it indicated the vst as "on". Try turning autosave off - and remember to re-save constantly.

Subject:RE: Bug? VSTi behavior in Acid Pro 6.0d
Reply by: DKeenum
Date:2/24/2007 8:26:14 PM

2 meg of ram wouldn't cause you a problem. The audgy card could be causing some of your problems. I don't know about the XP media. Have you done a search of the forum? I remember something about XP Media, and I know creative cards have been discussed.

Subject:RE: Bug? VSTi behavior in Acid Pro 6.0d
Date:2/25/2007 4:45:17 PM

Similar problem here, record a vst with midi then go to play it back then the recorded notes won't trigger the synth. Any idea when the next update is going to be available getting pretty sick of this when the updates create new bugs. Ableton live is looking pretty nice at the moment.

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