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Subject:Sony Plugins disappeared
Posted by: orca
Date:12/7/2006 6:45:53 PM

I just re-installed a batch converter, now I lost the registration of some Sony plugins (eg. Sony Graphic EQ) that it beeps during the playback. Now I thought I could fix it by uninstalling & reinstalling my Sound Forge 7. It turned out I totally lost all Plugins started with the word Sony (the ones from XFX series), how can I restore all these plugins. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Subject:RE: Sony Plugins disappeared
Reply by: Cudgel
Date:12/19/2006 2:41:14 PM

I lost all the advanced functions of Sound Forge 8, which I guess are the plug-ins. My machine now tells me to upgrade to Sound Forge so I can use these features (which I used plenty before). I own SF8 but it's acting like SF Studio for some odd reason. Tech support told me to use their registration migration tool but it did not work. You can try that. It's on the download page. Do not expect any help from support unless you bought a support package. I have lost hundreds of dollars worth of functionality now that my SF8 acts like "Studio." The people at Sony really don't seem to care. I am 5 days now waiting for a response. Good Luck.

Subject:RE: Sony Plugins disappeared
Reply by: ForumAdmin
Date:12/20/2006 8:45:33 AM

Start->Programs->Sony->Utilities->Migration Tools->Register Sony DirectX Audio Plug-ins.

If you are using a pre-Sony version, find sfppack*.dll in the shared installation folder and drag them onto an open instance of Forge to re-register.

If all else fails, Start->Run->regsvr32.exe "<full path of plug-in .dll>"


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Subject:RE: Sony Plugins disappeared
Reply by: mewsician2
Date:2/8/2007 2:17:46 PM

Nice to know this AFTER I had the problem with Soundforge 7, and couldn't get any support help, I purchased Soundforge 8, just so I'd have a working program.
That's one way to get business, but I'll consider another brand next time.

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