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Subject:Changing tempo slowly in ACID?
Posted by: spinweb
Date:1/12/2007 4:06:44 PM

Is there a graceful way to do a tempo slowdown at the end of a song? In other words, not an abrupt change, but rather what's called a "ritard" for you musical types.



Subject:RE: Changing tempo slowly in ACID?
Date:1/12/2007 11:27:22 PM

What I usually do, is duplicate the track you want (you can't drag and drop to different tracks if Im correct with Acid products), once you have the track copied, than edit and cut all the parts of that track you don't want to have slowed down.
Once you have the section you want, use the chopper to adjust tempo, pitch, time key signature, etc. You can even change that to a one shot, loop or beatmapped.
I'll than blend the original track, with the newly created section, and trim what I don't want from the original.
You might want to try "split at section" of your track, and right click your mouse afterwards. There might be an option where you can change pitch and tempo from there as well. Not sure though. Hope this helps.

Subject:RE: Changing tempo slowly in ACID?
Reply by: vespesian
Date:1/13/2007 9:25:21 PM

Get sound forge 8 (which, really, you should get to use with AP6) & use the 'time stretch' plug-in, in segments, with subtle crossfades.

Subject:RE: Changing tempo slowly in ACID?
Reply by: JohnnyRoy
Date:1/14/2007 8:17:50 AM

No there is no built-in way to do this in ACID. The simplest thing is to drop a few tempo changes in a row making them progressively slower.


Subject:RE: Changing tempo slowly in ACID?
Reply by: porkjelly
Date:1/14/2007 3:13:20 PM

If happen to have Adobe Audition, you can use the program's gliding stretch feature, which will allow you to gradually speed up or slow down a song's pitch...similar to moving the pitch slider up and down on a turntable.

Subject:RE: Changing tempo slowly in ACID?
Reply by: RMS
Date:1/22/2007 8:07:41 AM

Just curious...
Why couldn't you automate the time stretch plug-in?
I haven'y checked to see which parameters are available, but it should work.

Hope this helps.

Subject:RE: Changing tempo slowly in ACID?
Reply by: spinweb
Date:1/23/2007 10:54:50 AM

Well, it sounds like I might just do something low tech, like try to ignore the headphones alltogether and end it the way I want. lol.

I'd prefer not to purchase and learn anymore software right now.

Thanks for the feedback.


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