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Subject:[SF8.0d CRASH] when pitching/stretching etc..
Posted by: Ryan Jaeger
Date:1/16/2007 5:06:02 AM

I've been having a problem with sound forge crashing when I pitch something so high that its gets to the size of a single sample I guess...

When this happens that program times out and I have to shut it by the X or task manager.

I also have a similar crash when using time stretch and making it about 1 sample in size. (this is alteast what I think is doing it) Only with this the whole app goes to 100% and my comp locks up. Must reboot in order to regain control. Sigh...

By the way this is repeatable EVERY time, when real time is selected...


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Subject:RE: [SF8.0d CRASH] when pitching/stretching e
Reply by: Andreas S.
Date:1/16/2007 12:40:05 PM

I've tried with several samples and so far I can't repeat your problem.

I took an acidized guitar loop and maxed the pitch increase up five times until it was two samples long. Then I shifted pitch up one last time until it was 1 (basically null) samples. Nothing.

I'm not sure why this would be a problem since a single sample clip is useless anyway. In any case, I can't reproduce the problem...or I'm not exactly clear on what it is you're doing.

Subject:RE: [SF8.0d CRASH] when pitching/stretching e
Reply by: Ryan Jaeger
Date:1/17/2007 5:48:23 AM

It could be my onboard audio...
I've had to use it for awhile until I replace my aardvark lx6 with a Motu Ultralite.

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