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Subject:Error and crash with Acid6.0d and ASIO
Posted by: odysea
Date:12/16/2006 2:04:21 PM

Acid 6.0d doesn't work with the M-Audio Delta driver. When I select it in the preference, I get this error message:
Sony ACID Pro 6.0
Version 6.0d (Build 363)
Exception 0xC0000024 (Unknown Type) IP:0x7C964ED1
In Module 'ntdll.dll' at Address 0x7C900000 + 0x64ED1
Thread: Audio5Reader ID=0xC08 Stack=0x4AEF000-0x4AF0000
EAX=04aefeb8 CS=001b EIP=7c964ed1 EFLGS=00000246
EBX=ffffffff SS=0023 ESP=04aefeb8 EBP=04aeff08
ECX=04aeff04 DS=0023 ESI=0012eeb0 FS=003b
EDX=7c90eb94 ES=0023 EDI=00000498 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
7C964ED1: C9 C2 04 00 90 90 90 90 ........
7C964ED9: 90 8B FF 55 8B EC 53 56 ...U..SV
Stack Dump:
04AEFEB8: C0000024
04AEFEBC: 00000001
04AEFEC0: 00000000
04AEFEC4: 7C964ED1 7C900000 + 64ED1 (ntdll.dll)
04AEFEC8: 00000000
04AEFECC: 00000000
04AEFED0: 00000010
04AEFED4: 00183A40 00140000 + 43A40
04AEFED8: 774FD8A5 774E0000 + 1D8A5 (ole32.dll)
04AEFEDC: 7FFDF000 7FFDF000 + 0
04AEFEE0: 7FFAF000 7FFAF000 + 0
04AEFEE4: 00000000
04AEFEE8: 00000000
04AEFEEC: 04AEFEB4 049F0000 + FFEB4
04AEFEF0: 04AEFF4C 049F0000 + FFF4C
04AEFEF4: 04AEFFA4 049F0000 + FFFA4
> 04AEFEF8: 7C839AA8 7C800000 + 39AA8 (kernel32.dll)
> 04AEFF04: 7C90E591 7C900000 + E591 (ntdll.dll)
> 04AEFF0C: 7C9424F6 7C900000 + 424F6 (ntdll.dll)
> 04AEFF14: 00839BC0 00400000 + 439BC0 (acid60.exe)
> 04AEFF18: 7C90110A 7C900000 + 110A (ntdll.dll)
> 04AEFF1C: 00839BC0 00400000 + 439BC0 (acid60.exe)
> 04AEFF20: 30F24F8D 30EC0000 + 64F8D (acid60k.dll)
> 04AEFF24: 00839BC0 00400000 + 439BC0 (acid60.exe)
> 04AEFF28: 7C80A017 7C800000 + A017 (kernel32.dll)
> 04AEFF2C: 00839BB8 00400000 + 439BB8 (acid60.exe)
04AEFF30: 04AEFFB4 049F0000 + FFFB4
04AEFF34: 00000000
> 04AEFF38: 30F24FB7 30EC0000 + 64FB7 (acid60k.dll)
> 04AEFF3C: 00839BB8 00400000 + 439BB8 (acid60.exe)
04AEFF40: 00000000
04AEFF44: 00000000
04AEFF48: 00000000
> 04AEFF54: 00517963 00400000 + 117963 (acid60.exe)
- - -
04AEFFF0: 00000000
04AEFFF4: 005178D0 00400000 + 1178D0 (acid60.exe)
04AEFFF8: 00839320 00400000 + 439320 (acid60.exe)
04AEFFFC: 00000000

and acid crashes. Of course I can't change it once it's selected as Acid crash as soon as I open the preference dialog afterward. I'm running other audio software with ASIO on this machine with no problems whatsoever.

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Subject:RE: Error and crash with Acid6.0d and ASIO
Reply by: odysea
Date:12/19/2006 3:22:14 PM

No reply from support, no reply from the forum, guess I wasn't meant to use Acid after all.

Subject:RE: Error and crash with Acid6.0d and ASIO
Reply by: Ranger Bob
Date:12/19/2006 3:41:51 PM

So far I've had the least problems with Acid Pro 6.0b. ( I tried version 6c and it was buggy as hell so I haven't even bothered with the latest version. I've learned to wait and read the forum complaints before wasting my time. The bugs in version 6b are minor and quite easy to work around.
By the way - when the window pops up to notify you the media manager in being installed, click cancel. I've had no problem with the program working properly after doing this. The media manager is a big waste of CPU and time.

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Subject:RE: Error and crash with Acid6.0d and ASIO
Reply by: billybk
Date:12/19/2006 4:13:01 PM

What Delta driver version are you using? I've been using Delta_WDM_5.10.0.5051 (the named setup.exe file) for the past 18 months or so. It has been pretty stable & problem free for me, in ASIO mode, using ACID 6d. I also use a variety of latencies, from 64 (1.5msec) to 1024 samples.

I use a Delta 66, BTW,

Billy Buck

Subject:RE: Error and crash with Acid6.0d and ASIO
Reply by: odysea
Date:12/20/2006 2:47:46 PM

I'm using driver version (before somebody suggest it, no I will not go and muck about changing drivers left and right), works just peachy with everything else, low latency and very stable.

I've gotten answer from Sony's support today, their answer was to uninstall, clean the registry and reinstall; which I of course had done last week even before contacting anybody about this. Oh well...

Subject:RE: Error and crash with Acid6.0d and ASIO
Reply by: stefan hächler
Date:12/24/2006 5:42:27 AM

I can't figure whats the problem with acid 6c & d?? I got v. often errors while normal playing (don't doing anything). :(

Subject:RE: Error and crash with Acid6.0d and ASIO
Reply by: jaydeeee
Date:1/6/2007 2:09:59 PM

using 6d.
I have TWO delta 1010's (sync via spdif) and although I rarely use my acid a recent project called for it. I have delta driver driver. .27's are and used to be a solid driver as well, but I really reccomend you try this vers driver first...espec if you're gonna use the latest Acid.
It's painless to upgrade the delta drivers really. I'm not getting many if any errors with Acid and the 0051 driver. Except for....

Now, the only crashing I'm getting is a full on crash and close whenever it completes any render ("render as"). When it crashes/closes after render complete, task manager shows acid process still running...and it takes a long while for it to complete it's release (after several times ending the process).
** Added notes (if it helps): before task manager ends the process of Acid, you can open Acid again and you'll see that the Delta ASIO is not available when choosing audio. Once you FINALLY can end the Acid process in taskmangr, you will then have the Delta ASIO driver avail.

*I do use the midisport 4x4 for my interface (not delta 1010).

I have no idea how why this is happening but I suspect Acid at the root of the cause. Support replied with the same response uninstall/reinstall (but that has been done) and other than that I have sys issues.

*I keep my DAW/AV systems tip-top and streamlined, there's no reason to suspect problems on that end. No delta/asio problems in any other application - just Acid.

Has anyone experienced this render=crash roblem with Acid? Any resolutions to it?
My Vegas has zero problems like this when rendering btw.

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