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Subject:Mackie control protocal
Posted by: withagee
Date:11/15/2006 8:10:23 PM

Using an M-audio Projectmix I/O control surface. The control surface can be initiated into several different modes on startup (cubase, live, sonar, etc.). Currently in sonar mode.

1. What would be the most appropriate mode for AP6c? it is not listed in m-audio documentation.

2.a. Is it possible to use the control surface track fader to write envelope automation (volume for instance) instead of click and dragging the track fader with the mouse?

2.b. If so, how ?

2.c. If not, can it be done with the Mackie Universal Control?


Subject:RE: Mackie control protocal
Reply by: MarkWWW
Date:11/16/2006 12:11:44 PM

1. I don't have a Projectmix myself so I can't answer this but I know that there have been some users who have successfully used the Projectmix with Vegas which works (as far as external controllers are concerned at least) the same as Acid. You might like to have a search through the Vegas Audio forum to see which mode they found most appropriate.

2.a. It should be. I can certanly do it with my BCF2000 emulating an MCU.

2.b. Set the controller into automation mode and move the fader.

2.c. I'm sure it can, though I can't afford one. But the BCF2000 is a pretty decent alternative for a lot less money.


Subject:RE: Mackie control protocal
Reply by: SonyNateM
Date:11/16/2006 1:27:34 PM

Hi Geoffrey

I have an M-Audio ProjectMIX I/O here and I hope I can answer your questions.

1) You should be using Cubase Mode, which is the closes to MCU emulation the ProjectMIX can do. Hold Aux 2 while powering up the unit to put it in Cubase mode.

2a and b) Yes, however, while the ProjectMIX emulates the MCU in part, it does *not* emulate the Automation toggle button that is on the Mackie device. We have made changes to the Emulated Mackie Control driver to allow assignment of the Automation button to an available button on the device. You can find this option under the Assignable host functions combo box, located under the Assign entry. It can then be assigned to any of the available mappings listed in the center of the dialog. How the ProjectMIX emulates these buttons can vary and should be editable using the MAudio ProjectMIX Control software that came with the unit.

3) Yes, the MCU has an Automation mode toggle button that allows you to switch the surface between simply controlling the static "trim" values and writing envelope automated values.

I hope this helps. The documentation for the ProjectMIX wasn't extremely helpful in answering these questions for me, either. I had to do some experimentation to learn what I do know.


Subject:RE: Mackie control protocal
Reply by: withagee
Date:11/16/2006 6:27:11 PM

Thanks for the information fellas. I do greatly appreciate your time to respond.

I will see what I can do and post again.

One other thing...I see Mackie Universal has overlays for their controller to accomodate different DAWs. I see Vegas on the web site. Has anyone seen one for Acid?


Subject:RE: Mackie control protocal
Reply by: pwppch
Date:11/16/2006 7:17:17 PM

No overlay yet for ACID. We are working with Mackie on getting one created. However, the Vegas one is essentially the same - just ignore the Video features as they don't map.

We have also posted a white paper on how to configure and use the MCU and Extenders. It covers a lot of the details missing in the user guides for ACID and Vegas.


Subject:RE: Mackie control protocal
Reply by: withagee
Date:11/17/2006 11:10:51 AM


Started in Cubase mode and tried some "hands on" time to see how Acid reacts to different aux buttons, etc. Bottomline, this is going to take some time to sort out.

Do you have anymore info that can help me cut to the chase as far as how the encoder operators (buttons) and the assignable encoders behave differently in Acid than the documented behavior if the control was being used in Cubase.

"allow assignment of the Automation button to an available button on the device"
Which button on the device do you recommend?

Today, I sent a message to M-Audio TecSup asking for their input. Wouldn't an Acid Pro Mode be nice?


Subject:RE: Mackie control protocol
Reply by: withagee
Date:11/17/2006 11:24:57 AM

I read over the white paper. Maybe I should head in the Mackie direction.

Thanks for the info. I'm trying to hang on to the Projectmix with the preamps, inputs/outputs, if I can sort out the emulation to my satisfaction. We'll see.


Subject:RE: Mackie control protocol
Reply by: withagee
Date:11/22/2006 6:46:22 PM

Hey guys..

Exchanged the projectmix for a's too short.


Subject:RE: Mackie control protocol
Reply by: SHTUNOT
Date:11/22/2006 10:32:26 PM

FINALLY someone besides me using a MCU!!!!!!!!! You definitely made the right choice. I love mine.
Go to the suggestions page and give your vote for mackie C4 support for version 7!!!!! We get that then mixing with a mouse will truly be optional.

Congrats again.


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