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Subject:unable to update to 6.0c
Posted by: ricknote
Date:11/14/2006 9:38:42 PM

I'm running into roadblocks trying to update to 6.0c
I have a Pro Studio PC "offline" running Nuendo and a ton of other stuff.
I'm a Mac guy and still running a Mac online for my business and home.

Acid 6.0c is asking for
1. Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1
2. Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

I tried to download these updates from the microsoft website and FTP them to my Studio PC but I couldn't get them to download on my Mac.
This usually isn't a problem with my pluggins and other software but I can't seem to figure how to get Acid 6.0c updated.
Any of you young computer geniuses have a solution for me. I have 3 holiday e-grams that have to be done in 4 weeks and I'd like to get some of 6.0b's bugs behind me.

All the best,

Subject:RE: unable to update to 6.0c
Reply by: JohnnyRoy
Date:11/15/2006 9:43:09 AM

> I couldn't get them to download on my Mac.

How are you trying to download them? For the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 you should be going to Sony's Utilities Download page and click on the Microsoft .NET Framework link.

These pages will give you links to the downloadable components you need just as if you got them from the Sony installation CD.


Subject:RE: unable to update to 6.0c
Reply by: ricknote
Date:11/15/2006 8:11:40 PM

What I ended up doing was, installing Bellsouth Fast Access, putting my PC online just long enough to get the update and then pulled it offline. ACID installed everything automatically. Super easy.
Thanks for taking the time to reply,
All the best,

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