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Subject:Rollback to
Posted by: feign
Date:11/6/2006 1:57:39 AM

I stupidly never backed up the Acid pro 6.0b installer. Now that I've installed 6.0c and discovered a few bugs that didn't exist before (particularly the chopper issue discussed in another post), I want to roll back to 6.0b. I acknowledge that 6.0c has many improvements, but most are not relevant to me, while the chopper issue is. So, where can I download the 6.0b installer? And can I install that over 6.0c or do I need to completely uninstall first?

Help would be appreciated.

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Subject:RE: Rollback to
Reply by: Ranger Bob
Date:11/6/2006 3:52:51 PM

I used the System Restore to roll back to when Acid 6b was working pretty good. As usual, Sony takes 20 steps backwards for for what they think is a step forward. One would assume that what ever was working in a previous version would continue to work in the upgrade. You may have to go back a couple of restore points to find the resistry files in order.

Subject:RE: Rollback to
Reply by: bnmoore
Date:11/6/2006 10:45:09 PM

The 6.0b file is still on the ftp site.

I don't believe it will install over a newer version. If I remember correctly the install aborts when you try this but it has been a long time since I've done it with any Sony or SoFo product.

FWIW I backup the folder that the installer extracts to. I'll usually burn a CD after new versions are released but may wait a week or two for other Sony programs to get point release updates. I also have a drive that is mostly archives and have the installer folder zipped there but it's only current versions.

Subject:RE: Rollback to
Reply by: Ranger Bob
Date:11/7/2006 12:52:42 AM

Thanks for that FTP address! Even though I've already saved the installers for all versions of Acid Pro 6, I hate losing all the presets which is why I use the system restore. Getting the program and all the extra plug-ins back to where you like them can waste a lot of time.

Subject:RE: Rollback to
Reply by: dirtynbl
Date:11/16/2006 7:08:18 PM

stupid SMS took 6.0b off the FTP.

Luckily it seems like theres a torrent of it. I love pirating software I own because the developer released a new version full of more bugs than the old one. 6.0b was solid as a rock for me, I don't know why I thought C would improve anything.

Subject:RE: Rollback to
Reply by: miquel
Date:11/17/2006 1:05:17 AM


Subject:RE: Rollback to
Reply by: dirtynbl
Date:11/17/2006 8:50:57 AM

dammit, that torrent took forever. I'm such a idiot. thanks.

Subject:RE: Rollback to
Reply by: randygo
Date:11/17/2006 12:59:01 PM

Wow. I'm glad I sat out this "update". How could this pass beta test?
Hopefully "d" will improve. I just haven't been using Acid much lately, the lack of drag-drop between tracks abolutely kills my workflow. I've been having a much nicer time with Reaper, hopefully it will gain more Acid-like features soon.



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