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Subject:Unhappy with upgrade paths
Posted by: Trev Wilkins
Date:11/4/2006 3:36:20 AM

I recently looked into upgrading my Sound Forge 7 and adding the Noise Reduction plug-in. I'd seen the latest version of SF 8 being offered with the plug-in as a bundle from Digital Village for £199. As a long time user of Sound Forge I thought there would be a cheap upgrade option for me to either get this package or get the plug-in separately. The Noise Reduction plug-in sells on its own for $280 (£147) on the Sony Media website.

I couldn't find an upgrade path for it on my account, just an upgrade to SF8 for £79 so I emailed Sony to ask what they could do for me. They replied that there isn't an upgrade path either for the plug-in or the bundle so I'd have to buy the bundle from a dealer or pay full price for the plug-in!

So in order for me to get the plug-in and the latest version of SF I'd have to pay £79 for the upgrade plus £147 for the plug-in. A total of £226
A new user who hasn't paid anything to the company yet can get the whole lot for £199.

This feels like I'm being treated worse than someone who has never invested their money in the product. Maybe I'm missing something and there is a way for me to upgrade for less money than a new user, if so then please let me know how. If not then I'd be interested in hearing alternative solutions!



Subject:RE: Unhappy with upgrade paths
Reply by: drbam
Date:11/4/2006 5:24:35 AM

Contact Sony again and explain the situation as you did in your post. My thinking is that if they don't act fair and reasonable, its time to move to a different app. However, on 2 occasions I've been able to negotiate a fair and reasonable solution to similar situations as you describe but you need to keep the dialog going. If you're not satisfied, then you might take a look at Adobe Auditon which has pretty decent NR features included.

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