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Subject:Beeps created by Noise Reduction 2.0
Posted by: keether
Date:10/9/2006 7:23:36 PM

Recently I reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled only my favorite programs. I had to reregister Sound Forge 7 and Noise Reduction 2. Even though I have done those things, NR always appears with "demo" splashed across it like a watermark. But worse, when I use Noise Reduction, it adds a sprinkling of "beeps" in a variety of frequencies throughout my music track. One track was ruined because I had not turned on "undo past saves" and could not remove the beeps.

Could this have anything to do with the problem I'm having getting NR fully registered (or re-registered)? Between 2003 and earlier this year I had no problems with either program.

Subject:RE: Beeps created by Noise Reduction 2.0
Reply by: Lossl ben Hossl
Date:10/10/2006 1:16:40 AM

i had the same problem when i used the download function from this site, which only provides the latest 2.0c version
i could not register it
so i uninstalled it again and used the 2.0b version which was bundled with SF8 and everything works fine
according to Sony there is no difference between 2.0b and 2.0c except for different registration methods
not sure which version was bundled with SF7 though

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