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Subject:VST(i) window size ( @ SonyPCH)
Posted by: Lossl ben Hossl
Date:10/7/2006 4:45:59 PM

want to ask if the automatic VST(i) window re-sizing "problem" is getting adressed within version 6?
if a new VST(i) is opened which´s GUI is bigger than that of the last one then it is fine for the most part (except that with some certain plug ins the window still stays a bit too small so that you have to scroll up and down to see the full plug in)
but when you open a new VST(i) with a smaller GUI the window ALWAYS keeps the size of the previously used VST(i)

i think this is pretty annoying and i haven´t seen this behaviour in any other host before (admittedly i haven´t seen too many, since i am quite new to computer based music, but still)

or can´t this be regarded as a bug but as a feature? ;)

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Subject:RE: VST(i) window size ( @ SonyPCH)
Reply by: pwppch
Date:10/7/2006 8:04:09 PM

First, make sure you are using ACID 6.0b.

It all depends on the plugin. Many VSTis do not follow the SDK rules
for resize so you end up getting what you see.

Can you provide a list of plugins that are causing you specific problems with resizing?

Note for those that don't resize correctly you can always double click on the frame area of the Synth Properties page in ACID and it will auto size.

If you have a particular plugin that is causing you problems, there is a hidden "setting" that may solve the problems with some VSTis.

- Go to the Preferences | VST Instruments preferences tab page.
- Locate the plugin that is not resizing correctly.
- Right Click on it and a menu will pop up with "Use alternative drawing method". Select this.
- Click OK on the prefs page.

ACID will not attempt to draw the plugin in a different mechanism that can solve problems with SOME VSTis. If the problem is worse, then you should restore the option you changed for this plugin.


Subject:RE: VST(i) window size ( @ SonyPCH)
Reply by: Lossl ben Hossl
Date:10/8/2006 1:57:27 AM

does it mean that this happens only on my system?
i have used 6.0, 6.0a and 6.0b and this behaviour has been the same with each version

it may be that many VST(i) are not conform with the SDK rules, but why does it only happen in ACID?
automatic window re-sizing "even" works in Sound Forge (i say even, since it is also a product of Sony Media)

it also occurs with ACID´s included DX effects like the track EQ: the window is keeping the size of the previously used effect or instrument, even though the EQ would only need a fraction of its actual window size

the problem with too small windows happens to me with some Reaktor ensembles

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Subject:RE: VST(i) window size ( @ SonyPCH)
Reply by: pwppch
Date:10/8/2006 8:49:33 PM

I can't say whether it happens only on your system. You have provide no information that I can confirm or look at.

Sound Forge does not support VSTis - so I really have no idea what you are telling me.

"some Reaktor ensembles"

Are you saying that Reaktor is the only plugin that is showing these sizing problems?

You have to help me to help you. I need details, not "it works with..." arguments.

You need to be specific otherwise I really can't help.


Subject:RE: VST(i) window size ( @ SonyPCH)
Reply by: CineGobs
Date:10/9/2006 2:26:32 AM

There has always been some minor resizing problems.


Start Acid
Click on the master FX button.
Add "Wave hammer". (Window size is correct)
Remove "Wave hammer"
Add "Track EQ" (Window is now too big)

Btw. by double-clicking the window header you can resize it to fit the plugin.


Subject:RE: VST(i) window size ( @ SonyPCH)
Reply by: pwppch
Date:10/9/2006 7:52:35 AM

I want to clarify:

The VST Instrument sizing issues have been looked at will be addressed in a future update to ACID 6.

If you have Speicific VST Instruments that are not correctly resizing, please let us know the specifics of which instruments - and their versions - that are causing problems. Also, try the method I mentioned for VST Instruments to see if the sizing problems go away.

I will discuss the FX View sizing issues with the team.


Subject:RE: VST(i) window size ( @ SonyPCH)
Reply by: Lossl ben Hossl
Date:10/9/2006 9:09:16 AM

yes, i have not been clear enough... i only stated "VST(i)´s" before
of course Sound Forge doesn´t support instruments, that´s why i put the (i) in brackets
but in Sound Forge the FX windows always match the needed size, which in my experience never happens in ACID if the previously used FX, VST(i), DX(i), etc. had a bigger GUI;
the window always keeps the (sometimes way) bigger window size which eventually takes up almost the full screen for even pretty small GUIs like that one of the track EQ

Subject:RE: VST(i) window size ( @ SonyPCH)
Reply by: pwppch
Date:10/9/2006 9:28:12 AM

So your issue is with VST (or DX) FX, not VST Instruments?

If you have problems with VST Instruments when USED as an instrument not an FX, please specify which ones and try the hidden pref as I describe in the VST Instruments preference page. (Note there is no such mechanism for VST FX.)


Subject:RE: VST(i) window size ( @ SonyPCH)
Reply by: Lossl ben Hossl
Date:10/9/2006 11:24:25 AM

Instruments aswell as FX no matter what format, even the included ones like the DLS soft synth or the already mentioned Track EQ

i usually use docked windows for almost everything in ACID but use floating windows for the effects and instruments
ACID only enlarges those floating windows by itself (in most cases correctly, i am not even complaining about the few cases in which it doesn´t), but doesn´t shrink them if necessary

my issue is easily reproducible: (in addition to Gobs description for the FX)
ie. start new project (but of course this works any other time aswell), insert the DLS Soft Synth
close the DLS Soft Synth property window
insert the Kompakt Sony Acid Pro Edition sampler
close that window aswell
open the DLS Soft Synth window again -> Voilá, the property window is still keeping the size of Kompakt, which is much larger than necessary for the DLS soft synth
ACID also saves the current size of the windows, so next time you open it or start a new project, it will still open the new instruments with too large windows if you are viewing an instrument or FX with a relatively small GUI

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Subject:RE: VST(i) window size ( @ SonyPCH)
Reply by: pwppch
Date:10/9/2006 12:32:35 PM

Now, completely ignoring any FX related concerns - that I focus on the Soft Synth Properties view.

I am now seeing what you are seeing. However, it requires that you close and open the Soft Synth Properites view. It does not happen if you leave the view open and switch between different Softsynths.

A minor - though annoying - issue at best. I will add it to the problem list. It will probably NOT be address for the next ACID update.


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Subject:RE: VST(i) window size ( @ SonyPCH)
Reply by: inverseroom
Date:10/18/2006 6:17:03 AM

Just wanted to add--this happens with me too, on 6.0b, with all VST effects. The window remains the same size as the largest VST displayed. Doesn't seem to happen with VSTi's, though.

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