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Subject:Multi language keyboard problem
Posted by: ghanedan
Date:9/9/2006 10:48:54 AM

I am using a Turkish computer keyboard, with special Turkish letter-charecters. Some of the "keyboard commands" chart that arrived with acid bag doesn't behave as predicted. For instance "halve-selection" command is stated as ";" but when I press ";" nothing happens, tough if I press capital "i" which is absent in English-American keyboards the halve-selection happens.

Now, the semicolon charecter is normally placed in American keyboards where in a Turkish keyboard the letter capital "i" is present. So Acid does not receive my keyboard letters but receives the keys I press according/relative to their places in an American keyboard.

I think this is a problem..

Subject:RE: Multi language keyboard problem
Reply by: drew_
Date:9/13/2006 5:47:46 PM

I have seen this with other software when using non-US keyboard layouts. It's not looking for the ASCII, it's looking for the keycode I guess.

Even the UK layout being slightly different can cause problems. Where I am I have a Ç key and that is often interpreted as something else.. for me that is "halve selection" in Sound Forge!

Good news is you can remap keyboard shortcuts in ACID so that should resolve it quickly.

Options>Customize Keyboard
then in the top text field type "halve"
select "Trackview" just under that

You will see the command appear in the list with ;
click on that, then click remove

Move to the "shortcut keys" box, press the key you want to use (the ; on your keyboard) and Add

OK when you have finished (you may want to repeat this for the Chopper first)

Once you have tested that you can do the same for any others that are incorrect and then I'd recommend exporting those finished mappings so you have them in case you need to reinstall etc at any time.

Maybe Sony would be interested in the finished map too?

Hope that helps

Subject:RE: Multi language keyboard problem
Reply by: ghanedan
Date:9/14/2006 11:28:22 PM

thanks drew, that was helpful

nothing was stated about the problem by sony team tough..

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