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Subject:Two Questions 4 the Experts
Posted by: guitarbeast
Date:8/23/2006 8:47:07 PM

I'm having two problems with Acid Pro 6 that are a real impedement to my recording and am hoping someone can assist (thanks in advance). First, I use and EMU 1820m on a PC. I record guitars with a digitech GNX4 straight into the EMU and keys through a Behringer mixer and into the EMU. Here's the problems. First, every time I load up Acid Pro 6 I get no sound from previously recorded tracks on a project. The levels bounce, but no sound. To get the sound to come out I have to got to Options then Preferences then the Audio Device tab and select Advanced then Configure then click OK in a little E-MU ASIO window that opens. After that, the path out is OK, Apply, OK. Then I get sound out of the project that is open. But if I close that project and got to a new one, I have to repeat the process or no sound. Can you help me?

Second problem.

Any time I go to a new track lately (and this has happened before) the new track is very loud in the monitor mix (too loud to hear the previously recorded tracks), but the recorded track (after building it up) is at way too low a level judging by both the generated wave and the playback so just reducing the input level is not the fix (or so it would seem). If I boost the levels of the finished tracks to hear them better, I get clipping. Boosting the track being recorded just makes it harder to hear the existing tracks in playback (and they're already way loud in the monitor mix). For a while, I was getting better levels from the tracks I was recording, but I could not tell you what I did to get there, and now I do not know how to get back.

If anyone can help me fix these two glitches you will be blessed with more good Karma than you can possibly handle. Thanks.

Subject:RE: Two Questions 4 the Experts
Reply by: Martian
Date:8/24/2006 2:30:47 AM

Hey there.... About the E-MU problem: Someone found a workaround to the problem. If you append a new strip on the patch mix window and choose the ASIO out 1/2 and then route Acid through this strip the problem should resolve :-)

As for your monitoring trouble... Im not shure where you´re getting at ;-) Your recorded tracks... Are the waveforms OK?


Subject:RE: Two Questions 4 the Experts
Reply by: guitarbeast
Date:8/24/2006 7:52:20 AM

The waveforms are there once recorded, but they are small corresponding to the too low volume level in spite of the volume in the monitoring mix during recording being too high. The meter levels on the E-MU on-board mixer are also way higher than the levels on the internal meters in Acid. If I turn down on the E-MU mixer, however, the levels go down in Acid also.

Subject:RE: Two Questions 4 the Experts
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:8/24/2006 10:48:30 AM

Yay! A fellow GNX user! :)

First issue: Did you try the latest drivers at the E-MU site?

Second issue: It sounds like a cut is being applied at the track level post recording. This cut is applied based on what the Preview fader is set at (which is -6.0 dB by default).

Remember that this does not affect your recording. Your actual recording could be very close to unity and still sound quiet due to the track-level cut.

Also remember that mixing takes some finesse. If your overall level (in the Master bus) is clipping, pull all the tracks back. You can do this by simply pressing CTRL+A with the track list (or the timeline) active, then click and drag any of the volume sliders in the list.

(You can also use your mousewheel by hovering the mouse pointer over the slider and turning your wheel; each turn of the wheel increases/decreases by 1.0 dB, holding down CTRL while turning the mousewheel increases/decreases by .1 dB increments.)

You should record at a good level (around -6.0 dB peak is fine), but if the level sounds too loud to hear the other tracks, try just concentrating on a track or two that will help you rhythmically get your bearings while your record, or use the metronome.


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