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Subject:A good new and a new reflection to tell
Posted by: juan2004
Date:8/3/2006 9:50:10 AM


I have a good new and a reflection to tell you...

The other day I red on magazine "TV y Video" (Audio, Video and TV Magazine in Spanish language)
in the sections "Forums and Questions" have been the next questions:

Q. What software you use to video post-production?

A. Here comes the good new..

Audition 34%
Sound Forge 33% (Our older "Forger" forges strong yet!)
Pro Tools 21%
Others 11%
Cubase SE 1%

The question was answered by 171 peoples across the magazine's web site (

Yes 171 peoples are few, but the famous "reviews" about the softwares are the same results here presents but a huge scale, then, if you find "questions and reviews" about these softwares you will get same results in huge scales.

I wrote this tipic because I use S.F. since version 4.5, and Sound Forge is very near to Audition ((if Adobe could not adquired "Cool Edit Pro 2", then Sound Forge WILL BE on the top)) these "little questions", MUST TO DO reflect at Sound Forge team programmmers to add more tools and more improvements to already tools.

Sound Forge cans go far, now I feel the Sony applications (Forge, Vegas, Acid, etc) are "FREEZED"

The Sony's presents versions not END here, other companies cans relaseases updates communly each 8 months and each year releases a new versions.

Thanks for your time.


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