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Subject:Acid Pro 6 & M-Audio fw1814
Posted by: metaforensics
Date:8/1/2006 10:10:59 AM

Whos been using the f1814 with 6, and how does it run with it...I only ask, because now since I've upgraded from the mbox to this I'm considering gettin the upgrade to Acid Pro 6???

Subject:RE: Acid Pro 6 & M-Audio fw1814
Reply by: JohnnyRoy
Date:8/1/2006 5:32:27 PM

I use the M-Audio FW-410 with ACID Pro 5 & 6 and have had no problems at all. I assume the FW-1814 would give similar results since it’s the same hardware with just more I/O ports.


Subject:RE: Acid Pro 6 & M-Audio fw1814
Reply by: metaforensics
Date:8/8/2006 7:28:10 AM

Thanks yea I'm really liking alot better than the mbox...I mean I can have all my instruments plugged in at once, and all I have to do is turn them on, and start recording...I also like the variable buffer rates (more choices)...

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