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Subject:How to stretch part of a clip?
Posted by: feign
Date:6/22/2006 7:33:23 PM

I have a two-second beatmapped clip on the timeline, used in several places. I want to be able to split just one instance of this clip and time-stretch the latter half of it, but without affecting every other instance of this clip, and without affecting the first part. This is something simple and easy to do in Adobe Audition: just click the time-stretch icon, then drag the edge over. Only affects the part you stretch. I am surprised that I haven't found a way to do this in Acid Pro 6.

I realize that I can use Chop To New Clip and then edit that new clip. But then I don't get a seamless transition between the first clip and the new one. And this is a multistep process which is fairly awkward.

Is there a way to just directly grab a clip's edge and time stretch part of it? Can someone please advise?

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Subject:RE: How to stretch part of a clip?
Reply by: vespesian
Date:6/22/2006 9:02:36 PM

I guess you're trying to figure out a) how to select a time selection and b) then how to stretch it. They are a bunch of ways (look at your manual....hint hint) - but I'll tell ya how I usually do what you're doing....right click on the clip and use "split clip at cursor" to define to part I'm working with - make it a new clip - then, if you wanna stretch it you go to "clip properties" and select the stretch tab - you can pick the stretching technique - fool around with these - you can get some incredible results (like "non-looping segments"). Also, try changing the beats in a measure, the time sig, etc. etc.

Hope that helped...

Subject:RE: How to stretch part of a clip?
Reply by: feign
Date:6/22/2006 10:50:58 PM

Thanks. That's exactly what I've been doing (as mentioned in my first post). But that's a lot of awkward steps to go through compared to just stretching the clip like a rubber band, as you can do in Adobe Audition.

I was hoping for a method of simply slicing and stretching part of a clip on the fly, rather than having to interrupt everything to split, save, open the properties window, switch to the stretch tab, try a new setting, close properties window (it's in the way of everything), test, reopen properties window, and so on. Very awkward to me.

I checked the manual and Help files back and forth before asking for help here, and I didn't find any other solutions. If there is one, can you give me another hint hint...?

Subject:RE: How to stretch part of a clip?
Reply by: vespesian
Date:6/23/2006 3:47:32 AM

Well, you can always just change the tempo by inserting a 'tempo change' marker thingee from point A to point B - almost as easy - but not 'painted' per se. And that would effect the whole project....or use the 'time selection' tool - easier than splicing the clip, but I don't do that too much because I have to be very detailed with my over-sensitive mouse (in this instance, you select the area of clip from within a time selection & do whatever to it)....or do the same thing with 'sections' (like them better)...there's also "match cursor position to tempo" (might be wrong wording)...which is, actually, really useful - if you set this to happen at regular intervals, say beginning of every measure - not a quick proceedure - but really good on one shot tracks (i.e., vocals) that are uneven (i.e., can't be beatmapped) and are difficult to match to anytempo....the chopper - don't chop to new clip, just insert., f**** with the intervals.

what kinda clip you trying to stretch?

Subject:RE: How to stretch part of a clip?
Reply by: BradlyMusic
Date:6/23/2006 12:55:51 PM

Sony's Vegas has this ability just like you know the "video" app located on this site? Submit a product suggestion, and hope we see this functionality in Acid 7.

Subject:RE: How to stretch part of a clip?
Reply by: feign
Date:6/23/2006 7:57:35 PM

I don't want to change the tempo of the whole project, not even for one measure.

I have an intrument clip consisting of five notes. It appears several times during the song. In the middle of the song, without changing the song's tempo, I want to stretch only the last two notes of the instrument loop to overlap into the next measure.

I have already done this using the chopping, saving as a separate clip, etc. etc. method that has already been discussed here. I found it to be extremely awkward, using multiple trial and error, rather than using my eyes to simply stretch the clip to the exact point on the timeline where I wanted it to extend to. It took me about ten minutes to do it. In the past I have done the same in Adobe Audition, and it took me all of 5 seconds to do it.

I will put in a product suggestion, as advised.

Subject:RE: How to stretch part of a clip?
Reply by: jbolley
Date:6/26/2006 12:33:20 PM

If you have audition use it. You can right click on the clip in ACID and select 'open in audio editor' ACID is not so much of an editor, that's where they sell you sound forge...

Subject:RE: How to stretch part of a clip?
Reply by: Klirrfaktor
Date:7/24/2006 6:57:30 AM

actually i was looking for such a feature for a long time. even cubase has this now... u can select the timestretch tool and stretch an event to the length you want. that would be very cool to have in acid :-)

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