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Subject:MOTU Midi Express XT Problem
Posted by: Aciamaj007
Date:6/25/2006 10:05:43 AM

I Ma having a problem here and I wanted to know if anyone had any advice about this. I am having major routing problems with my MOTU midi Esxpress XT. When I connect my Mackie MCU and Extender to the MOTU it always keeps shifting the outs and ins. When I add Mackie Control to the External Control list and select the Midi Tab and what ports to use, when I go back to the external list it usually always detects the MCU channels 1-8 but if I hit scan again it shows only the Extender as channels 1-8 but here is the kicker. It then Shifts the Outputs to Midi Port 2 as the Midi In and the Output on Port 1 as the out. Port is 1 is where I have the MCU and causes them to link as the same uinit so when I move one fader on one control surface they both move and it lights up both 1 and 2 outs when I move the Extender. Now when I plug the Surfaces into my Audigy dual ports it works perfectly and detects both so I know that isn't the issue. Does anyone have this issue with MOTU midi Interfaces and do you know of a better Midi Multichannel interface? Thanks again!

System: Win XP Pro SP2, 3.2 GHz Dual Core Pentium D, 2 GB Ram.

Subject:RE: MOTU Midi Express XT Problem
Reply by: JohnnyRoy
Date:6/26/2006 5:33:31 AM

> Does anyone have this issue with MOTU midi Interfaces...

I have no experience with this interface because it was always my impression that MOTU was a Mac company and while their gear did work on PC’s it was an after-thought and didn’t work well and the company could care less about PC users. It may be a false impression but as a PC user, I have always avoided their equipment.

> ...and do you know of a better Midi Multichannel interface?

I have had great experiences with M-Audio MIDI interfaces. I have the MIDISPORT 2x2 and it works great. They also have a 1x1, 2x4, 4x4 and 8x8 so there are plenty of MIDI interfaces to choose from. In my experience, M-Audio builds great gear with solid PC drivers (and it’s the drivers that make all the difference in the world)


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