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Subject:Can't view soft synth properties
Posted by: Lostdog
Date:5/29/2006 10:36:19 AM

Hello all

A strange problem which hasn't occured before in the last 3 years. I'm using Acid Pro 5 - earlier today was recording using midi. I inserted a new soft synth, played with the settings a bit, then recorded a live piano track through GPO. Tried to go back in to edit the piano sound, but Acid wouldn't show me the vsti. Now every time I try to insert a new vsti it allows me to (the vsti appears in the mixer window), but it won't let me view the soft synth properties. I've tried unticking & re-ticking 'soft synth properties' in the view menu and right clicking on the vsti in the mixer window, but it refuses to bring it up on screen. Can't find anything in properties or preferences either. Help!


Subject:RE: Can't view soft synth properties
Reply by: withagee
Date:5/29/2006 11:51:49 AM

Recently I somehow moved my synth prop window down completely of screen. If in MS windows, use key combination Alt+spacebar and you should see a small menu block popup on screen. Press M for move and use the arrow keys to move the lost window in the opposite direction you would normally drag it to get it out of view. Alternately you could use Alt+spacebar+S and a cross-hair with arrows pops up. Use the arrow keys to try to resize the window into view.


Subject:RE: Can't view soft synth properties
Reply by: Lostdog
Date:5/29/2006 3:32:19 PM

Thanks gap - that's sorted it! I've no idea how I moved the synth prop window out of view either. Strange things these computers....

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