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Subject:ACID v6/ProTools Question
Posted by: spinweb
Date:5/26/2006 8:13:46 AM

I purchased a PC to dedicate to audio, as my IBM-T30 is cracking under the weight of my ACID creations. Now, when I configured this PC I was told I didn't need a sound card, that the Digi002 Rack could serve as a soundcard.

My question: How? Do I just select it as a driver in ACID?


Subject:RE: ACID v6/ProTools Question
Reply by: kbruff
Date:5/26/2006 9:19:11 AM

AISO Drivers should be used in it should be available from one of the dialog boxes

Subject:RE: ACID v6/ProTools Question
Reply by: filterthing
Date:5/26/2006 9:42:28 AM

before you build your pc, make sure you go to the digi site and look up the compatibility issues. Protools hardware can be very picky about what it works with. The digi users group has a ton of info on this.

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