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Subject:Soft Synth Prop Window
Posted by: withagee
Date:5/26/2006 8:27:48 AM

I am using Acid M Studio 6. Was working on a project and went to change some settings on a soft synth and the soft synth properties window will not display. The project window will gray out (become inactive) along the top bar of the window but the synth window is not displaying. It is like it is hiding somewhere but I cannot locate!!!
This now is the case with any project I open. I have downloaded and installed build 81 but nothing changed.
I have considered reinstalling totally from disc but have stopped short for now.
Please help.

Subject:RE: Soft Synth Prop Window
Reply by: randygo
Date:5/26/2006 11:09:31 AM

I think confusion can occur if an undocked window becomes somehow gets resized to a degenerately small size or ends up at some coordinates that are located offscreen.

I don't have Acid in front of me, but check out the "View" menu and see if you can get the SoftSynth window back into a docked position in one of the lower panes.



Subject:RE: Soft Synth Prop Window
Reply by: withagee
Date:5/27/2006 8:04:50 AM

Thanks for your response. I just went to lunch and thought about it and recalled the key combinations to move or resize a window. Alt+space bar+M to move a window with the arrow keys. Got home hit the combo keys and found that I had moved it down off screen beyond mouse access. Use the up arrow on the keyboard and there she was.

Thanks again.

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