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Subject:New Acid 6.0
Posted by: buckwese
Date:5/24/2006 11:11:15 AM

Will i be able to hear myself while recording with a usb mic? i have that issue with acid 5.0 now , it will record vocals but i can't hear it while it's recording only on playback when recording in usb, it records fine in the audio input.

Subject:RE: New Acid 6.0
Reply by: pwppch
Date:5/24/2006 1:19:12 PM

Only if the device has a ASIO driver will you be able to do input monitoring in ACID.

However, if this is just a Mic, then the likely hood of this being useful or even possible is remote. In order to hear the input you need an output. If the mic has an ASIO driver, that means it has only input and no output. Since mutliple devices cannot be used under ASIO( and ASIO limitation), then there is not much point in using or even providing ASIO drivers for such a device.


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Subject:RE: New Acid 6.0
Reply by: Rockitglider
Date:5/25/2006 8:00:43 PM


Do your self a favor and get rid of the USB mic, they don't work well with live recording. They're OK for Podcast, but not for multi tracking. Sorry for the bad news.

see ya, Rockitglider

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