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Subject:Pro Zone
Posted by: jdscogin
Date:4/27/2006 11:59:52 AM

I had some questions about free Pro Zone with upgrade and was answered. I posted the answers here. Strange, I can't find them anymore. Is this Forum edited? I even used the search to try and find it. Not Found. Very Strange.

Subject:RE: Pro Zone
Reply by: Tobias7000
Date:5/17/2006 9:53:53 PM

yep, I looked for them too. Guess to many folks were getting free pro zone benefits out of it.

Subject:RE: Pro Zone
Reply by: waynegee
Date:5/17/2006 11:05:34 PM

well, hell...repost 'em! I bought the upgrade so if i'm entitled to some ish, i be wantin' it...

Subject:RE: Pro Zone
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:5/18/2006 10:19:14 AM

I'm pretty sure that the free 1-year ProZone subscription was for a limited time only. I believe that time has passed but I'm not sure.


Subject:RE: Pro Zone
Reply by: Tobias7000
Date:5/18/2006 1:57:58 PM

I just forked out the 49$ to join. Got a free Classic Loop disk from the Sony library and have so far tremendously enjoyed the community. It is totally different than hanging out with a bunch of 15 year olds writing junk with cheap loops. There are truley amazing composers in the Prozone... Its easier to hang with them once joined. This is worth your money in my view.

Subject:RE: Pro Zone
Reply by: spinweb
Date:5/19/2006 6:41:03 AM

Can someone explain the conditions under which you qualify for a free ProZone membership?



Subject:RE: Pro Zone
Reply by: feign
Date:5/19/2006 8:07:16 PM

There was (maybe still is) an offer whereby if you go to and then from there click on the link to buy an upgrade to Acid Pro 6, you will also get a free ProZone membership. But you have to access the link through Acid Planet. As I remember, the upgrade price is the "normal" upgrade price and not the discounted price initially offered by Sony.

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