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Subject:First Acid 6.0 update ?
Posted by: Djipy
Date:5/1/2006 10:54:47 AM

When can we expect the first Acid 6.0 update, in order to fix the bugs discovered so far ?

Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: pwppch
Date:5/1/2006 11:29:06 AM

There is no speficic date set.


Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: J Psycle
Date:5/1/2006 1:18:04 PM

June? July? 2007?

Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: pwppch
Date:5/1/2006 1:23:27 PM

No matter how you ask, the answer will be the same.

There is no specific date set.

When it is ready.


Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: feign
Date:5/1/2006 5:45:40 PM

Chill out, folks. Sony Media has always been very responsive in issuing patches. Compared to many companies, who take 6 months or forever to issue patches. Macromedia, for example, releases a version of Flash and in spite of hundreds of well-documented bugs, NEVER issues an update, and makes customers wait 18 months to buy the new version, with an all-new series of bugs. I have found the Acid patches to be timely and solid. The fact is, it does take time to locate the sources of dozens of bugs, fix them and test them. So chill out.

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Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: Tobias7000
Date:5/1/2006 6:59:18 PM

If we put ourselves in the shoes of Sony, we might begin to understand the complexities of pre-releasing a date before certain points in the software development timeline are acheived. Folks, this is a business and software development has best practices in both technical and business domains. You never make a promise untill you have acheived certain milestones. Any date set early in the process is bound to change... that is the nature of the beast. So instead of telling us a date then changing it, they choose not to tell us until they know they achieve it... sometimes that is the day of release. That is the business of software development everywhere and in every industry.

Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: Zacchino
Date:5/1/2006 7:04:25 PM

Don't forget that the more we wait, the better it is for all of us ^^.

Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: J Psycle
Date:5/1/2006 7:13:41 PM

Well, yeah, I will just say I'd rather they get it done right rather than quickly. The 3 biggest issues for me are the MIDI, automation, and VST bugs, and I hope they get things like that sorted properly so we're all not stuck waiting for 6.0b. In the meantime, I'll just have to go back to using 5.0b, I'm just spending too much time trying to put out fires with 6 right now.

Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: pwppch
Date:5/1/2006 8:06:20 PM

There is nothing glib about the truth.

Any update will be released when it is ready. No arrogance or anything else should be implied. We are working on the update.


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Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: CineGobs
Date:5/2/2006 12:52:56 AM

We're all looking forward to the update, but I would rather have a great update than a rushed update.


Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: alltheseworlds
Date:5/2/2006 1:57:22 AM

Relax Switchman !
1) You've got a reply from Sony which is much better than you'll find on many other forums.
2) We know they're working on an update
3) This release has been one of the best so far in terms of stability, features and lack of bugs

And you should already know that it's always a risk jumping in and using "point-zero" release software for critical tasks.

But there's very little to complain about with this release. It's been a triumph.

Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: Zacchino
Date:5/2/2006 2:38:07 AM

>2) We know they're working on an update

And they're proud enough to let us know, so it's a good sign ^^.

>3) This release has been one of the best so far
in terms of stability, features and lack of bugs


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Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: Spectralis
Date:5/2/2006 3:44:30 AM

I think we should give Sony time to collect all the feedback from us so that they can address as many of the problems we have encountered in the first update.

ACID 6 was only released a month ago so I don't think it's unreasonable to wait awhile longer for the update.

As for Sony's response being glib I think that's a really unfair comment. A glib response would be dismissing the need for an update which is definitely not the response you got.

Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: stuffedspacedog
Date:5/2/2006 8:30:15 AM

Agreeing with Spectralis. Apologies for being quiet, I'm so happy with AP6 I've had nothing to post about!

I'm feeling serious deja vu, let's not turn this into the cubase forum where we all moan constantly. We had this with Acid 3, with Acid 4, with Acid 5 and now with Acid 6.

The software works for most people, some have bugs. If you have bugs, reinstall a previous version, after all we all got discounts on v6 anyway.

Sony's policy is not to publish release dates for software or updates, end of story.

I for one am happy that Sony put some serious development time behind v6 to deliver the features we'e all been moaning about SF not delivering.

Let's get back to the creativity... this used to be a constructive forum!!

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Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: juan2004
Date:5/2/2006 10:36:44 AM

OK, I recognize what when is release a new version of ANY application from ANY company. is coomun it has BUGS but... why many bugs??? and sometimes are critical bugs.

I use some applications from Adobe (Premier, Audition and After Effects) and I believe that applications never o few times release updates for theirs app., what I see are new versions (1.5 to 2.0 etc)

Steinberg's applications. well yes, frecuently release updates for their applications like the more recent was for WaveLab 6

Magix too release updates for their 2 "monster" applications: Samplitude Professional 8 and Sequoia 8, but they happen after 8 or 10 months from the frist version release.

I value the EFFORTS from the Sony's programmers when they release a new version or a update, but, well, I think IF A NEW VERSION IS RELEASED IT WOULD BE FEW BUGS so then the new version would STRIKE HARD or KICK OUT THE DOORS, like it did Vegas 4, Acid Pro 4 and Sound Forge 6 when it was released for first time.

Well that was my simple viewpoint, thanks you


Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: Spectralis
Date:5/2/2006 10:43:49 AM

I can understand the frustration if ACID 6 is not working for someone. I had VST/VSTi problems with ACID 5 when it was first released and had to wait for the update before it worked for me.

I'm speaking as someone for whom ACID 6 is working so I suppose I can wait longer for the update.

Just trying to see both sides of the issue.

Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: Pol Davril
Date:5/2/2006 11:34:37 AM

Mmmh.... I have read this forum : the initial version of Acid Pro 6 has been released with bugs. Some of the bugs should have been fixed before shipping with some careful testing.
Obviously, the beta testing has not been as efficient as expected.

I'm working in the computer technology and in the musical world. I know both jobs. I've got skills to test a musical software; one month ago, I have sent an appliance to join the beta testers team... Unfortunately, I have got no answer so far.
So, I believe that Sony is happy with an approximate testing and the (obvious) bugs left...

What do you think ?

Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: nlamartina
Date:5/2/2006 12:43:07 PM

People constantly try to come in to these forums (and others) and use them as a barometer concerning how stable or bug-free a release is. It just doesn't work that way. This is a user support forum. People come here for help with problems, so naturally it will be saturated with issues ranging from bugs to user error. Since this place is designed to help solve people's problems, others won't be very inclined to come here and trumpet how perfectly everything is running.

- Nick

Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: PeterWright
Date:5/2/2006 7:04:16 PM

Switchman, obviously you want it to work, as it already is for others, and as you have been told, the update is being worked on, while you are getting worked up about what you strangely define as "lip".

Sony PCH has told you what's happening in a straightforward way, and you seem intent on giving as much of your own "lip" as you can. This is only likely to reduce the amount of forum response from Sony, and that would disadvantage us all.

Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: pwppch
Date:5/2/2006 7:07:36 PM

I did not mean to be glib or a smart ass switchman. I answered the question, nothing more. You took it the wrong way.

I am here to help, not to argue or offend.

Understand, I am not customer service. I am a developer here and respond on this forum in my spare time.

As usual, my efforts are misconstrued and it always ends up backfiring because some don't like what I have to say or read more into what I had to say.

It is time I stop responding here again. I just felt that a timely and truthful answer is better than complete silence. I care about ACID and the work I have done and am doing on it. I just want the update to address as many user issues as possible.

So, please report all problems through the correct techincal support channels as provide here on our web site and that are documented in the ACID help and manual pdf.

Continue to use these peer forums to work out your issues amongst yourselves. There are many users here that can help out the novices and answer some of the technical issues that are common.


Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: randygo
Date:5/2/2006 8:47:29 PM

>It is time I stop responding here again.

Oh no! I and many others here value your presence here.


Randy (a fellow software developer that knows how customers can be...)

Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: juan2004
Date:5/2/2006 11:44:34 PM

huuuy! PCH is angered !!..
everybody run for their lifes!....
please mercy Mister PCH don't strike us with ur swhip of silence.
we will could not support it..... LOL

>It is time I stop responding here again<

(could be to PHC felts despised and not recognized for their labor)
(or maybe to PCH likes suffer in silence like a unfortunate mother, he he)

Cheers too

Juan (a humble editor and cynical critic user)

Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: PeterWright
Date:5/3/2006 1:04:15 AM

What's the point of sarcasm.

Surely you know how valuable it's been, particularly in the early days of this new version, to get responses from one of the program's creators.

Now people with strange attitudes have made Peter not want to bother giving his own time to help users, so we all miss out.

Cheers, thanks a lot.

Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: Pol Davril
Date:5/3/2006 3:01:37 AM

As I have said before, I'm working in both music writing and software development, business applications. Any software project or update is always scheduled in a planning with a deadline. In theory ! In practice however, the release is always delayed, for a bunch of good or wrong reasons...

What is strange here is the lack of theorical deadline for the first update, even if everybody knows that it will be released later.
Acid users can be confused, thinking that there is no planning at all, or the development team do not master the source code, work when they have some free time to do so, or are just experiencing technical difficulties in bugs fixing. That's what people think, I suppose; on the other hand, I'm sure the update is in progress.

So I think this is just a minor communication problem. In my opinion, it could be possible to announce "not before 2 weeks", "within 2 months or later", "next quarter" or something alike.
Acid users are frustrated because their beloved software is not as perfect as it could be, while the development team is busy with bugs fixing and - probably - has to modify or rewrite some internal routines and test them. Not always as easy as it may appear.

Peter, this forum is very useful to Acid's life. Bugs reporting is very easy and immediate. I'm sure people will not take time to open a ticket at technical support. Bugs reporting and improvement suggestions are likely to be lost !
Peter, I suggest you go on taking part in this forum, it's very important for Acid itself.

Thanks for reading.

Pol Davril
Belgian composer

Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: alltheseworlds
Date:5/3/2006 3:20:56 AM

I find this very strange.

When you participate in a forum - no matter who you are - it's an absolute certainty that some idiot will give you lip.

Do you stomp off as soon as this happens ?

Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: drbam
Date:5/3/2006 6:45:36 AM

I've seen this happen happen before with Peter on the other Sony forums and I don't blame him at all. Peter has no requirement or resposibility to participate here. He does it on his own time because he wants to offer assistance. But he isn't getting paid to do it and he naturally (as most anyone would) reaches a point when he's simply had it with those who insist on being unfairly critical. Peter then says, "I'm outta here." Frankly if it were me, I wouldn't be so polite and tell a couple of you guys to just f**k off! if you were treating me in the same manner. In my view, some of you seem like you are whining for the sheer pleasure of it. Peter may return. . . or may not. Its up to you to decide whether you wish to behave with more respectful manner or keep on bitching. Not that you asked for it but my advise is to follow the wisdom of a friend of mine in Nashville who put it this way: "Don't thump a free melon!" I'm critical of the bugs in the Sony apps as well. I haven't even purchased Acid 6 yet and may not. I'm following the forum closely to help me make that decision. The point here is that Peter is the LAST person you should be venting your frustration on and you are shooting yourself in the foot when you do so.



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Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: switchman
Date:5/3/2006 8:09:50 AM

"don't Thump a free melon" lol!!
you are right drbam. although i am extremely frustrated with acid 6, I didn't realize the guy was just donating his spare time. my apologies PCH....

Message last edited on5/3/2006 8:12:26 AM byswitchman.
Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: b4dawn
Date:5/3/2006 7:03:10 PM

Since I've had Acid 6a, I have brutalized it. I have had two minor problems. My Dimension Pro doesn't work properly, (probably user error), a midi sustain problem (probably user error) and an import problem, that one is in the air.

Acid 6a is so far advanced than 5.0c, I don't think the two can be compared.


Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: switchman
Date:5/3/2006 10:06:38 PM

does anyone know if there are actual mastering capabilities? i haven't found anything, but that doesn't mean anything. charlie i'm having some midi glitch problems as well: i simply cannot get kompact to behave properly with anything other than a mouse- but the acid5 freebie still works just fine in 6, so i don't think it's a hardware issue. weird.

Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: jumbuk
Date:5/3/2006 10:48:10 PM

Mastering capabilities?

Well, you can put Wave Hammer on the master FX chain, and any other plugins you want.

Acid will write to CD, not sure if it is full Red Book or not.

Personally, I master in Sound Forge and assemble in CD Architect. I find it better to forget about mastering until the CD stage - otherwise, you have got nothing to benchmark against.

Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: Djipy
Date:5/5/2006 11:40:10 AM

Oops, I was just asking a simple question... I did not intend to offend anyone.

I have read the replies : Peter won't come back to this forum.
I guess all bugs reportings and improvements suggestions won't be read by Peter and nothing will be fixed.

Thus :

Everyone has to send the bugs and suggestions to the TECHNICAL SUPPORT directly.
It's useless to post them here.

Message last edited on5/5/2006 11:40:42 AM byDjipy.
Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: RJ Fielder
Date:5/5/2006 11:49:13 AM

Tip: Don't feed the damn trolls.

Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: jackn2mpu
Date:5/5/2006 12:27:26 PM

I'll wait as long as necessary for the update. I have a working Acid Pro 5 install and the disk for Acid Pro 6 in my possession but it is not installed. I figured out that I'd be better off getting the update now, saving the money, and then waiting for any possible update for version 6 before doing the install. I also have Sonar 5 for my DAW work, so getting a fully functioning install of AP6 is not one of life's priorities right now. Going to Cirque du Soleil on Randall's Island (NYC) for Corteo on Saturday is in my immediate future. Hope the music is as good as all the other shows they do.

OT - Speaking of updates - who does one talk to about possible updates to the forum software? I'd like to see some type of 'quote' function when replying to a post, along with a signature file. These are standard things on most other forums I inhabit (Cakewalk, NI, etc.)

Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: switchman
Date:5/5/2006 4:31:04 PM

hey jack- heard anything about adobe audition 2.0?

Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: jackn2mpu
Date:5/8/2006 6:32:40 PM

switchman said:
hey jack- heard anything about adobe audition 2.0?

I replied:
Never used it - isn't that the program that used to be Cool Edit Pro? I know that's what they use on the SciFi Channel's Ghost Hunters program.


Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: GrupoJyT
Date:5/8/2006 9:30:27 PM

I think that Pro 6 have more problems than the developers can solve quickly...

This is my "frozed support conversation", lost on the time...

Customer (Jose Ortega Figueroa) 05/02/2006 12:31 PM
Are you there?

I know that you have a lot of work with the PRO 6 issues.

I appreciate your feedback


Customer (Jose Ortega Figueroa) 04/20/2006 11:25 AM
The automation is stored within the midi file, I send you some files for reference of this error:

Acid PRO 5c: The ACID zip file and the jpg picture show 4 events of the midi file, with control 109 at the begining o the file. In this case the execution is OK.

Acid PRO 6: ERROR. The acid file in 5c is oppened in PRO 6 and I don't edit any think, only display the control 109. The file and the picture shows this errorer:

#1.- An extra control 109 at the end of the event, this is not in the MIDI file and is not included in PRO 5c. THIS IS A CRITICAL ERROR.

#2.- In the picture, I show you the pont in ACID 6 when the software displys a COntrol 109 at the beat 2.4.000, but if you pen the midi file, the control is included only at the begining of the file, this mean at 2.1.001. THIS IS ANOTHER WAY OF THE SAME ERROR

#3.- If you analize the MIDI clip file, you can view that ACID 6 display twice (2 times) the control event 109 at 1.1.001. BUT the event in the original file is included only 1 time.

If you try to delete the first or second event in the List Editor, both lines are deleted from file. THIS IS THE THIRD EVIDENCE OF THE ERROR.

I have several projects playing chords with this events, using a nodified version of the Native Instrument Akkord Guitar 3.1 (Kontakt 2). This work well un PRO 5c but present the 3 previos errors consistently in all the clips if I try to open an play the project un PRO 6.

I appreciate your help


Response (Rob A.) 04/10/2006 04:28 PM

Thanks for writing.

Is this automation stored within the MIDI file? If your MIDI file contains CC Automation data, then it will be added on every loop of the MIDI clip. Otherwise, copying and pasting a section of a MIDI track which contains a CC Automation Envelope will copy and paste that envelope as well.


Rob A.
Technical Support
Sony Media Software
1617 Sherman Ave
Madison, WI 53704

Customer (Jose Ortega Figueroa) 04/06/2006 12:57 AM
All my loops in this project contains automation of Controller 109 and 110.

ACID 5c runs excellent, but ACID 6 duplicates the controls in each loop. Therefore the control is sended to the VSTi twice, at the begining and at the end of each event in track.

I'm using ACID 5c until this error will be fixed.

Message Acknowledgement 04/06/2006 12:57 AM
Thank you for contacting Sony Media Software Support.

This message acknowledges receipt of your request for help. We will reply as soon as possible.

If you need to add information or cancel your question, you can do so by updating it through the questions subarea of the 'My Support Account' section of, our support site.

Contact Information

Processor Speed

Version and Build
6.0 build 214

Product Serial #

Editing Skill Level

File Attachments
• Ven y Adora 01 Akkord Guitar 060330.acd-zip
• 0604 Error en PRO

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Subject:Adobe Audition 2.0
Reply by: feign
Date:5/9/2006 4:19:26 AM

I'm a heavy user of Adobe Audition 1.5, and before that I had 1.0, and Cool Edit Pro. It's a great program for finely-controlled audio mastering, less great for looping and layering audio. I use it in conjunction with Acid for most of my soundtrack projects.

I've heard many negative things about the new version, however: they tried to make the interface more consistent with other Adobe products, which means no more icons, everything is a pallette, which is not necessarily suitable for the program. Also, whereas v1.5 starts up in seconds, v2.0 takes ages to load, indicating how bloated the program has become. There are apparently a few nice new features, such as isolating and filtering specific frequencies with a lasso tool in Spectral view. But none of the new features sounds groundbreaking enough for me to want a sluggish, top-heavy program that threw out an interface I am comfortable and happy with. So I can't comment first-hand, but suggest anyone thinking of upgrading should check the reviews very carefully.

Subject:RE: Adobe Audition 2.0
Reply by: switchman
Date:5/10/2006 12:18:13 AM

i too was hoping that the loops features would be a little closer to acid's. man it;s nice to pick a drum track and just drag that sucker as far as you wanna go to use as a time reference. when will the holy grail of daw's appear? is protools worth the hype? i'm suspicious of it, but....

Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: StrobeAlific
Date:5/19/2006 10:48:36 PM

SonyPCH (Peter)

It sounds like you might have fixed some of the bugs, but not all.

Any possibility of getting a release of the things you have fixed?

Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: pwppch
Date:5/19/2006 10:55:42 PM

It will be released when it is ready.

It is not ready yet.

I don't know when that will be.


Subject:RE: First Acid 6.0 update ?
Reply by: StrobeAlific
Date:5/19/2006 11:01:08 PM

~disappointed, but understand~

Thanks for the quick reply.

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