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Subject:Rewire Problems
Posted by: dbfs
Date:4/16/2006 11:17:32 PM

Does anyone have Rewire crashes in ACID 6.0?

I use Nuendo 2.0 and trying to connect ACID 6.0 withouta hitch through Rewire.

ACID crashes when loading existing projects.
To make sure I am not duplicationg MIDI I/O, I check the ACID file first, then close ACID.
I open Nuendo and connect the ACID 6.0 app/Device Panel in Nuendo Then re-open Acid and try to re-open the existing ACID project.

The auditioning of browser ACID files is not working either with Nuend lauched
A 96/52 audio card is being used In Nuendo, I have the -release ASIO in background- checked so the apllications can share the sound card.

Subject:RE: Rewire Problems
Reply by: billybk
Date:4/17/2006 3:10:27 AM

I have it working, in SONAR 5.2. I was just working with it yesterday.
Using the Loop Explorer, and audtioning loops, while rewired to SONAR works, as well. I can't help you with Nuendo, since I don't use it, sorry.

Billy Buck

Subject:RE: Rewire Problems
Reply by: jcoplin
Date:4/19/2006 12:12:15 PM

I am having this same problem with Cubase SX3. I'm using a MOTU PCI-424 system, curent drivers on everything etc.

Sometimes, Acid will act like the Mixer Application isn't even loaded. It won't respond to start commands from Cubase etc. Other times, it crashes when loading a project. I've found that projects that start off fine, eventually will not load and crash Acid.


Subject:RE: Rewire Problems
Reply by: randygo
Date:4/19/2006 3:41:25 PM

I also saw Acid Pro 6.0 crash a few times when rewired to FL Studio 6.08.

I just assumed it was related to the known bug involving VSTi plugins that require host clock synchronization.



Subject:RE: Rewire Problems
Reply by: jcoplin
Date:4/19/2006 6:28:29 PM

Except mine crashes with an Acid file that has no plugins what-so-ever!

Subject:RE: Rewire Problems
Reply by: b4dawn
Date:4/19/2006 7:01:51 PM

The only problem I've had is with Dimension Pro by Cakewalk. A crash is guaranteed everytime. Not good.

All of my vst's. vsti's, dxi's work perfectly. I will have Nuendo and Waves Diamond to give a workout to soon.

Keep trying, this product is worth it. The pristine recording of vocals is like the old Scully machines back in the 70's. It's worth the money for the recording section alone.

Subject:RE: Rewire Problems
Reply by: noisemaker
Date:4/22/2006 7:04:05 AM

I'm rewiring the AP6 demo to SX3 and not seeing the rewire problem...but I have to wonder, should you have "release ASIO in background" checked under this circumstance? I have it unchecked, since in theory the audio is coming through Cubase mixer via rewire and ACID is not actually accessing ASIO directly when it's a Cubase slave.

Not that it should necessarily be _crashing_ just because you have this checked, but who knows.

Haven't tested the theory, because mine's working and I don't want to mess it up :) But you might want to turn that checkmark off and see if it helps.


Subject:RE: Rewire Problems
Reply by: mewsician2
Date:4/29/2006 10:48:22 AM

I just clicked on the rewire tab in Preferences, and got an error, then the program closed.
i wouldn't call this a serious "Crash", but it didn't exactly make my day either!
I didn't notice wheather that box was checked, but I'm not using rewire, so it's moot anyway!
I'm sure it will be addressed, if it becomes a widespread issue

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