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Subject:Acid Pro 6 $99 Upgrade at Guitar Center
Posted by: MikeT1111
Date:4/24/2006 8:18:23 PM

I appreciate the info here in the forum about the Guitar Center Acid Pro 6 Upgrade for $99. I got the last one at the Nashua, NH store in my area. If it wasn't for this forum I would not have known about this great deal. I am just passing this along in case anyone else can benefit from it. I didn't see it advertised anywhere at GC and I had to ask for it when I went in. The smaller upgrade box had fallen over in front of the Pro 5 full price box that was displayed near the ceiling. The upgrade box was not visible. The salesman could not tell me if other stores had more or when the sale ends. I did see it posted here as running until April 30th. All he could determine is that it was a "promo item" for them. From what I can tell this is the complete package with nothing removed to make the $99 price. A nice price if GC has it in your neighborhood.

Subject:RE: Acid Pro 6 $99 Upgrade at Guitar Center
Reply by: eppik
Date:4/25/2006 9:56:49 AM

Looks like it's back up to $129.00 now. Might have been priced prematurely.

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Subject:RE: Acid Pro 6 $99 Upgrade at Guitar Center
Reply by: jumbuk
Date:4/25/2006 10:49:55 PM

Could be. Previous upgrades have always been $99.95 during the discount period.

IMO, $129.95 is quite reasonable though for this upgrade.

Subject:RE: Acid Pro 6 $99 Upgrade at Guitar Center
Reply by: MikeT1111
Date:4/27/2006 4:21:23 PM

In my previous post I did not mean to imply that the $129 price from Sony was not a good deal. It certainly is. I hope nobody took it that way. I have always found the upgrade prices to be fair. However, these days a $30 savings certainly doesn't hurt. I noticed many posts regarding another retailer that had a $99 special and folks seemed to be waiting for shipment. At Guitar Center you could take it right home for that price. Their version is an upgrade from versions 4 or 5 only.

Subject:RE: Acid Pro 6 $99 Upgrade at Guitar Center
Reply by: ohmaya
Date:4/29/2006 11:14:46 AM

I read this and got one in AZ yesterday - they are still around so keep trying. Guitar Center will ship, so if you call around to a local store, they will check inventory and drop ship to your home with prepayment. I just did this with a MIDI Merge box. I am in AZ and they called San Fran. I paid in AZ and they shipped to AZ>

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