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Subject:where is the ac-3 plugin?
Posted by: Hank Scorpio
Date:4/20/2006 8:46:18 AM

I don't see it for sale by itself in the store. Am I missing something or is it only available when I purchase other software?



Subject:RE: where is the ac-3 plugin?
Reply by: DJPadre
Date:5/9/2006 8:51:00 AM

it doesnt exist anymore.. in the days of yor, the plugin you mention was called SoftEncode.. and it wasnt a plugin, it was a standalone product. when V4 came out, they integrated it with the system, however NOW...

heres the deal. The Dolby Digital License is actually within DVD Architect, NOT Vegas, however, once u install DVDA, the license unlocks the AC3 encoder within vegas.
However, one thing to note, is that Vegas will ALWAYS allow u to mix (and rener) 5.1 projects, even without the AC3 encoder.. reason is that WMV and some oither formats allow for surround sound integration (WMV9 moreso than anything else) and with the advent of BD and HD DVD using WMV formats, having this option will be integral to the future performance of Vegas as a HD editor.
U cant buy the program (DVD Architect) on its own, and neither can u buy the AC3 encoder on its own anymore.
I would say this is a marketing thing as people would buy DVDA and not bother getting into Vegas, or vice versa. I think its a smart move marketing wise, as the additional cost of DVDA with Vegas is actually quite small for what it does (compared to encore which is over a grand on its own.. basically the price of encore on its own is Vegas and DVDA combined.. )

Subject:RE: where is the ac-3 plugin?
Reply by: Hank Scorpio
Date:9/21/2006 8:53:06 AM


Sony offered -- very recently, too -- the 5.1 surround pack. Is that no longer available?

Subject:RE: where is the ac-3 plugin?
Reply by: DJPadre
Date:10/27/2006 4:26:58 AM

the 5.1 surround pack hasnt been offered since softencoder days.. which i believe was prior to or around the V4 days... since V4 and DVDA 1, the ac3 encoder was licensed THROUGH DVDA, so when u register DVDA, it would unlock the encoder within Vegas

softencode was taken off the market when v4 was released i believe... i might be wrong, but ti was a LONG time ago.. bout 3 years AT LEAST..

Subject:RE: where is the ac-3 plugin?
Reply by: nolonemo
Date:1/31/2007 10:17:11 AM

You can purchase the license for DVDA from someone who doesn't use it any more. Sony has a system for transferring the license so you can activate the program. I purchased a DVDA3 license from someone on the DVDA forum for a very reasonable price.

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