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Subject:Need another Kompakt Player?
Posted by: snicholshms
Date:4/12/2006 5:03:16 PM

Do we need to install another Kompakt player just for ACIDPro6?
I've got one for Sibelius 4, Native Instruments Komplete2, Garritan Personal Orchestra & Jazz Band...

Is there a way to use one of the currently installed players instead?

My C drive is 120 GB and it's almost full od samples. I'm thinking of migrating the samples to an external USB 2 HDD. I use removable HDDs in the D slot so I can't put the samples there.
Any suggestions?

Subject:RE: Need another Kompakt Player?
Reply by: GLYPTICminority
Date:4/13/2006 7:13:50 AM

No room for another internal drive?

Subject:RE: Need another Kompakt Player?
Reply by: snicholshms
Date:4/13/2006 7:21:37 PM

No more room for an internal drive got the two HDDs,d a CD Burner & a DVD Burner. Besides, the largest internal can only be 120GB without going to a raid. I use HDD trays...wait a
you got me thinking I should remove the CD Burner (the DVD does both, anyway) and put another HDD in that slot. Thanks!

Subject:RE: Need another Kompakt Player?
Reply by: jdscogin
Date:4/16/2006 1:19:19 PM

If you use Windows XP SP2 you can use larger hard drived. I just added a 250 gig partition to mine.

Subject:RE: Need another Kompakt Player?
Reply by: snicholshms
Date:4/16/2006 6:36:09 PM

How many internal Gigabytes will XP SP2 handle?

Subject:RE: Need another Kompakt Player?
Reply by: bnmoore
Date:4/17/2006 2:05:07 AM

With third party samples tied to an NI Kompakt player the player has to be installed, registered, and activated with NI before the samples/instruments can be loaded in the regular Kompakt or Kontakt. (and opened at least once) The Sony Kompakt samples/instruments do load in Kontakt(s) 1.5.x and 2.0.x as well as Kompakt 1.0.8 even though the Sony Kompakt is v1.0.9. If you un-install the Sony Kompakt player the library will no longer open in the other ones. I have several sample libraries that are tied to either Kompakt or Kontakt players as well as a few Intakt libraries. I have migrated a few of the lesser used ones to an external drive.

I think XP will recognize any size drive that is recognized by your m'board BIOS but I don't know anyone using anything larger than a 1.2TB raid.

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