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Subject:File Management
Posted by: gunga
Date:4/11/2006 8:56:12 PM

I'm finishing up a couple of Acid projects (finally), and I wonder if there is a command- or a simple method to gather and copy all pertinent files to one folder, so I can get rid of clutter. It seems that the source .wavs are all over the place, naturally, and there are several unused recorded takes and cut-to-new-track snippets. My intention is to be able to take one folder containing all/only relevant material on DVD to a friend's studio, to do a mix there. Is this possible other than manually, track by track? I'm on Pro 5.

Thanks, Din

Subject:RE: File Management
Reply by: jumbuk
Date:4/11/2006 9:33:19 PM

Yes, there is a way - and it is the same as previous versions of Acid. When you "Save as ...", check the "Save media with project" option.

Subject:RE: File Management
Reply by: miquel
Date:4/11/2006 11:48:48 PM

You can also try the export loops option from the file menu.

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