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Subject:Can Acid 6 Copy and Paste MIDI CC events?
Posted by: Tomdini
Date:4/11/2006 9:02:21 AM


I'm computer-less for probably two weeks. So I can't just check out the demo.

But, without this single feature, I don't think I'll make the upgrade... or, more likely, I'll just put it off until December, maybe.

Can Acid 6 copy and paste MIDI CC events? It'd be nice if you could copy and paste JUST the continuous controller messages, but would be perfectly acceptable to be able to copy and paste all the MIDI data from one track into the next, then delete/alter the notes as you will on top of your copied CC's.

Version 5 couldn't do it, so I had to find another solution. I got energy-XT, one of the best sequencers ever, to replace Acid in my workflow purely because it can copy MIDI CC's - luckily the program kicks ass in every other area, and only costs 50 bucks (!!!).

But man... I'd love to give Acid another go...


Subject:RE: Can Acid 6 Copy and Paste MIDI CC events?
Reply by: nlamartina
Date:4/11/2006 10:05:27 AM

Acid 6 can do this. All you need to do is select the envelope tool, highlight the nodes you want to copy, right-click copy, and then past somewhere else. I use it constantly, and it's a real time-saver.

- Nick

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