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Subject:Favorite New Feature?
Posted by: thirdnostril
Date:4/11/2006 7:37:43 AM

Besides multitracking, I love the sections. It lets you construct a song the way you write one--a verse, a chorus, a bridge, and then you move them around in different combinations.

What about you?

Subject:RE: Favorite New Feature?
Reply by: Djipy
Date:4/11/2006 8:14:35 AM

Favorite new features : input monitoring (to add a reverb during vocals recordings) and improved recording techniques.
Best handling of multiple VSTi outputs.

Compared to Acid Pro 4 : track folders, downmix output.

IMO, Acid Pro has now become "Pro"... The previous versions of Acid were not really "Pro" due to missing basic features.

Subject:RE: Favorite New Feature?
Reply by: billybk
Date:4/11/2006 8:20:38 AM

Besides, the Vegas style multi-tracking & input monitoring, my favorite new feature is the control surface support. I purchased a Frontier TranzPort DAW controller, for SONAR, last summer. Now with ACID Pro 6's built-in TranzPort plugin, I have complete freedom to move about and control ACID from anywhere, in my house, even through walls and floors! I can be in another room ready to record a vocal/guitar track and with a click, of the record button, on the controller:

Insert a new audio track, arm it and start recording, without stopping playback (true on-the fly recording)

Plus a whole lot more:

Not only do you have full transport control, but you can set up new loop points, enable/disable looping, solo, mute, undo, pan, volume, stop/start metronome, insert markers, move to markers, insert new audio track, insert new MIDI track, monitor tracks/buses, change inputs/outputs etc. From the TranzPort controllers display you always know where you are at and what is going on (the default display gives you current track/bus name, volume level, pan level, current location and metering). The display, of course changes, depending on what function modes you are accessing. Best of all, it fits in the palm, of your hand. For another $12 bucks I bought the mic stand adapter accessory. It's perfect, I can move the mic stand anywhere around my studio/house and easily adjust the height depending if I am sitting or standing. It also has an adjustable tilt mechanism and backlight display, for low light conditions.

Yes, no need to be tied to your computer keyboard anymore, you are now free to move about your studio.

Wicked Cooll! :-P


Billy Buck

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Subject:RE: Favorite New Feature?
Reply by: MacMoney
Date:4/11/2006 1:29:20 PM

For me Midi!
Very easy to use without allot of CRAP to swim thru!

Tony Mac

Subject:RE: Favorite New Feature?
Reply by: thenoizzbox
Date:4/11/2006 1:45:14 PM

The MIDI improvements make a huge difference for me too. As do the audio recording improvements (monitoring, etc). All the various interface improvements make AP6 the easiest version to use so far and is miles ahead of Acid Pro 4 from which I upgraded.

I've always loved Acid's interface but my music does not primarily rely on loops and this new version is the first one with which I can do everything I need to. Time to retire Sonar...

Subject:RE: Favorite New Feature?
Reply by: jumbuk
Date:4/11/2006 4:05:32 PM

I agree with Billybk - control surface support is the new feature I use most. Followed closely by Sections.

But overall, I just like the fact that the new Acid has features there that I take for granted in Cubase. I have started using Acid for jobs I would otherwise have done in Cubase.

The new MIDI features are comprehensive and work well, but I still find Acid clumsy for working with MIDI - I will keep using Cubase for that. Also, Acid lacks a timeline and tools for mapping tempo onto a live audio track, so I will still use Cubase for some projects. Cubase sucks at looping though, even though you can now import Acid loops. Acid is still the best at quickly previewing alternative loops in context.

Subject:RE: Favorite New Feature?
Reply by: Rabid
Date:4/11/2006 5:37:17 PM

Sections is the reason I grabbed the upgrade. It is what I was missing most.

Subject:RE: Favorite New Feature?
Reply by: MacMoney
Date:4/11/2006 5:42:34 PM

Midi here too!
The track are laid out very well and I have what ever CC at my finger tip!
I use the G and F shortcut keys alot on midi tracks.
I can assign my external hardware keys to the midi ports so I can select the patches from the program window.
XML Patch & Drum maps.
Multi media clips on each track.

George Ware

Subject:RE: Favorite New Feature?
Reply by: JohnnyRoy
Date:4/11/2006 5:58:46 PM

Punch In/Out MIDI recording is it for me. That combined with the ability to flip through different takes with the C key makes a big improvement in productivity.


Subject:RE: Favorite New Feature?
Reply by: Weevil
Date:4/11/2006 11:41:57 PM

There is a lot to really like, can’t round it down to just one thing.

Subject:RE: Favorite New Feature?
Reply by: PeterWright
Date:4/19/2006 2:01:26 AM

Velocity stems - toggled on or off with F key.

Speaking of which, in Notator on the good ole Atari, back in the early nineties, we could apply velocity curves, to achieve great fluidity in expression - apart from doing it manually, is there any way in Acid? If not - future request please?

Subject:RE: Favorite New Feature?
Reply by: pwppch
Date:4/19/2006 7:55:48 AM

ACID does not have Velocity envelopes/curves.

Something we will consider for a future version.

(I remember Notator!! You must be as old as I am<g>)


Subject:RE: Favorite New Feature?
Reply by: kbruff
Date:4/19/2006 9:49:23 AM

I love the new midi features and most of all I love the media manager it helps alot especially for sound hacks like me, I take audio from anywhere and churn them into useful wavefiles etc.


Subject:RE: Favorite New Feature?
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:4/19/2006 10:16:31 AM

Multitracking mostly. (I can now simultaneously record a dry track along with a wet track. Yay!) Improved MIDI actually makes me want to explore that realm further, especially since Kompakt is included.


Subject:RE: Favorite New Feature?
Reply by: Illogical
Date:4/19/2006 1:09:19 PM

My favorite new feature is Peter's fabulous new hairdo!

ha, j/k, I really like AP6 MIDI is my favorite feature with sections a close second, still kinda getting my head around the recording interface at this point, so can't really comment on that, but there's a lot to like.

Subject:RE: Favorite New Feature?
Reply by: PeterWright
Date:4/19/2006 7:42:15 PM

> "(I remember Notator!! You must be as old as I am<g>)"

Older probably - I used to do jingles, and scored two 16 mm films on a TEAC four-track R to R - compared to those days, we've never had it so good!

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