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Subject:Acid Pro 6.0 : Soft synths names
Posted by: Djipy
Date:4/7/2006 1:08:30 AM

When an additional VSTi output is inserted (with "Insert/Remove outputs"), the default name should be taken from the actual "Out 1" name.

Example, I insert an instance of Sfz+. The default name is "sfz+" (and assumed to be Out 1) .
I rename it to "Synth 1".
If I insert the "out 2" for that soft synth, it should be named "Synth 1 Out 2" instead of "Sfz+ Out 2".

I know I can rename the channels, but when multiple instances of the same VSTi are inserted, it would more convenient to know which output is bound to which synth, without renaming them first.

Just a suggestion.

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