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Subject:Acid 6.0 1st Impressions
Posted by: jyoung50
Date:4/5/2006 9:05:33 PM

I'm a relative new comer to Acid. I've owned it since version 3.0 but until now have not attempted to use it extensively. I've always liked th way that Sony designed there presentation in Acid and Vega (I've used Vega quite a bit) but for music composition I've been using Sonar 5PE and lately Cubase SX3. I upgraded to Acid 6.0 hoping that it would make a nice balance between usability and functionality.

Here are the problem I've encountered so far:

Takes forever to scan VSTs. Going to the Options and selecting the VST tab causes a long rescan when exiting.

Using NI Reaktor 5 Space Master 2 as an effect - The UI for Reaktor is not being size properly. It only displays it in a default size of the effects panel so that most of the controls for the effect are hidden. This is not the case for any of NI's instruments. They display OK so far.

Rendering (freezing) a VSTi (multiple sources tracks) to a new track does not load the audio data into the new track. I had to go find the wav file using the Explorer view and add it to the track manually.

Is there an option for a real-time rendering of VSTi ?

I have an Access Virus TI Polar and the VSTi that integrates with DAW software behaves very strangely under Acid 6.0. For example if I change the MIDI output channel of a track that it routed to the Virus synth the channel instrument on the synth with a default path, even if the channel already had a patch loaded.

Mysteriously, the MIDI input from one of my keyboards, that was being routed to the Virus, quit working. I had to leave the focus of MIDI track to another track and then back to the Virus track before I could get any input from the keyboard.

Tascam FW-1884
Virus TI Polar
Motif 8
CME keyboard

Reaktor 4 & 5
Akoustik Piano
Absynth 3
Kontakt 2
Battery II
Guitar Rig 2

Subject:RE: Acid 6.0 1st Impressions
Reply by: Spheris
Date:4/6/2006 6:15:31 AM


If you check the vsti list. I was the first to notice the reaktor gui error. It is logged to the bug base.

for track insertion from vst I usually use the render to new track. not the render as..that does the insert automatically (paradigm shifts - don't you love them?)

midi setup, be aware that the thru option is really external use - internally it does sometimes confuse (virtual cables being what they are..deselct the thru option altogether if working purely vsti and there should be no further tries to auto sense external from internal every focus shift and hangs when it finds nothing out of the box)

the other two vsts in question.

add them to the running list with a clear explanation of why they failed. The list was set up as a ref point so they could have one tab to look at and cross ref between system related and app related errors. I think someone else has them listed as working, so check the list. Going by the two of three rule. It might just be paradigm shift or it might be a real router problem but the list will go a long way towards answering which.

The time for the scan. It's pretty throrough..but there is also this. It's checking for vstfx/vsti and then multichannel extensions as well. so it's really three scans altogether. Is there a particular thing it's not picking up in the process along the way?

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